Yukata Summer Trend 2015 and the accommodation to get free one!

Summer is approaching. Who's coming to Japan?At this moment shops in Japan are all about yukata. Today I will share some of information about yukata so that you can wear in your summertime here! Yukata dressSome girls like to wear colorful yukata, others like to wear darker tone. Everyone has their own style so today Admin will show you some ideas. There are three main patterns, colorful ones, darker colors, and mixture of old and new style like dot or plaid. Choose what you like and follow me.Warnings:Whether it's yukata or kimono, the left cover should be over the right cover (of the person who's wearing). Neck cover should be up not to show the back of the neck much. In the past, only keisha wore like that. Although it looks sexy, I don't recommend because it doesn't look good for women. Hair should be tied at the back because loosing it might be considered as a ghost image.607377043_974Japanese-Yukata-Harajuku-2014-08-042-1978-600x900Japanese-Yukata-Harajuku-2014-08-062-2110-600x900Japanese-Yukata-Harajuku-2014-08-090-2290-600x900Japanese-Yukata-Harajuku-2014-08-112-2451-600x900Japanese-Yukata-Harajuku-2014-08-115-2507-600x900Japanese-Yukata-Harajuku-2014-08-066-2142-600x400Japanese-Yukata-Harajuku-2014-08-094-2316-600x900Japanese-Yukata-Harajuku-2014-08-099-2349-600x900Japanese-Yukata-Harajuku-2014-08-108-2419-600x900Japanese-Yukata-Harajuku-2014-08-148-2798-600x400Obi fashionThis part is the cute cloth wrapping around the waist. Nowadays we have the ready-to-wear ones so teenagers don't need to wrap it themselves. We can eat any street food we want because this type of obi can be adjusted! Admin also uses the ready-to-wear one. It's quick and convenient. I saw some girls wearing another piece of cloth to make the butt look bigger. This cloth can be found at yukata shop as well.Japanese-Yukata-Harajuku-2014-08-096-2323-600x900Japanese-Yukata-Harajuku-2014-08-113-2458-600x400Japanese-Yukata-Harajuku-2014-08-117-2519-600x400Japanese-Yukata-Harajuku-2014-08-131-2620-600x400Japanese-Yukata-Harajuku-2014-08-132-2625-600x400Hair pinDuring yukata season, the weather is very hot so we shouldn't let our hair down because it looks creepy on yukata. Girls who want to show off the back of their neck a little bit can tie their hair up. It's better than let it loose and down like Keisha in the past. Following by adding a lovely hair pin that matches yukata. There's even a poll here saying that guys like to see a little bit of neck under tied hair. It makes their heart shake! Bring me a hair pin!hair1hair3hair4hair5hair6GETA (下駄) shoesThis sandal with a thick sole of wood has been with Japanese people for long. They can also be used with kimono. But with kimono we need a kind of socks called Tabi for geta. And geta in winter has another piece of cloth covering in the front to make it warmer.E382ADE383A3E38397E38381E383A3E4B88BE9A784g1OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAg3g4Handbag ( Kinchaku )Of course, yukata has no pocket for us to put smartphone or wallet in it. Girls like to carry a small cloth bag that matches yukata. Only a small bag for carrying important stuffs.k1k2k3How was it? So complicated right? You girls can buy yukata for summer at any shops. If you don't want to waste the space in your bag carrying yukata, there are accommodations in Japan that offer free yukata for you to wear outside in the city.Who wants to feel the summer and its relaxing atmosphere then, you can choose an accommodation with free yukata here. I had a look and they were sooo cute!Accommodation to choose yukata in many colors.Photo credit: http://tokyofashion.com/ https://www.pinterest.com/