Chill trip in Yokohama with Pnorchand aunty

Hello Japan List fan,Besides tokyo, provinces around tokyo is what you may interesting to visit, such as from shibuya you can take subway by Minatomirai line from shibuya about half hour,or JR Line from Tokyo station Like Keihin-tohoku line, Shonan shinjuku Line, Yokosuka Line which can take you to Kamakura, you can take a trip in one day. (please let check the highlight with Thai original content I feel something weird)For who travel with JR Keihin, if you want to visit Yokohama landmark, you have to go to Sakuragicha station exit at south exit, you will find many city tour buses, but what I want to recommend is small bus or Akai Kutsu which mean red shoes, this city tour bus will take you ride around city , and price just 100 yen and you can stay on the bus for more round till you ok for your city view, or you can get down from the bus to the place you may interesting to visit like Cup Noodle museum, and after that if you want to take the bus to get back to the start point you have to pay more 100 yen, it like 1 trip pass if you get down from the bus, you have to pay again for next ride.This red bus have 2 routes , please confirm with staff whether your place is on the route of that bus or not, such as bus C route is pass Chinatown and Motomachi, romantic Shopping street.Photo1Photo2after get out the station , walk straight to bus stop of red bus, you will see line of people on queue up, in weekend will be crowded , you have to get use to it, sometime you have to stand on the bus, because it one of the favorite so it can happen sometime for overload capacityPhoto3StationPhoto4For whom go with Minatomirai line it will end of the route at Yokohama station, pass chinatown , choose the way that fit your plan.Or if you go there as a group you can grab a cab to chinatown directly it cost you about 1000 yen from Sakurakijo.Last week aunty pnorchand visited Flower Garden 2015 at Red building or old warehouse, this is shopping area which attract tourist so they always held some exhibition or evets. if you take a cab from sakurakijo , just tell them to go to Akarengo Soko. or you can take red bus to that bus stop.  The Flower Garden will be held till 19 of this month, it all about many kind of colorful flower decorating.Photo5Photo6Photo7Photo8Photo9if you take the bus please notice the bus stop sign like thisPhoto10When we finish with the beautiful flower, if you are hungry you can have a cup of coffee and some bread at the cafe next to the garden, which is really nice atmosphere.Photo11This famous shopping street have houseware, clothes, furnitures, shoes , bag shop both new and used waiting for you along the streetPhoto12Secondhand shop high quality selected product allow you to find your favorite brandname, the price is not high as the new one but not the creepy cheap price, let say reasonable price is quite fit what I want to say.Photo13plenty of little lovely itemPhoto14Photo15 Photo16Photo17 Photo18Photo19if you exhausted from walking, you can look for a bench to sit back and stretch you leg for relax , this nice weather is so nice for you to shopping here, escape from crowded street in Tokyo for a better shopping moment here instead.Photo20After enjoy your shopping you can walk from Motomachi to Chinese restaurant at Chinatown easily, just cross the bridge and walk back a while you will reach Chinatown and tons of Chinese restaurant there for you to pick one or you can visit the shrine to make a wish if you prefer.Photo21After full with your meal, if you not exhausted you can take a bus to enjoy at the park at Sakurakijo station which can shopping or playing at fun park , there ferris wheel is in the top for their height.This post I think it could help you to give you more information about Yokohama as your choice of visit Japan, so see you next time :-)you can follow aunty phnorchand and her story at

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