Trick for USJ ticket!


Today Admin Sora, take day off to visit USJ at Osaka, even I’m living in Japan quite long time but this time to USJ is my first time!, Because I’m not quite crazy for Funpark much. But this time I need it I insist!. Because there are Harry Potter Zone which is my most favorite over all things (I mean movie) in my life, I wish I could be there in winter time to feel the like in the Hogwot school in the movie. So let’s start!


Admin start from zero, I know nothing about this trip, start with select the date, Admin oily com to push my belly, yes just her height can reach me around my belly ho ho ho, Admin oily climb up to show me, Admin sora you have to check this website, This site is the lady astrologer , who forecast number of people who plan to visit USJ and provide weather forecast too!

Visit this website and select your date , then table will pop up to show number in each day, if you may need more details on this step , you may see admin oily explanation here

After you select you prefer date, No not yet finish, USJ is quite cruel, who want to play all their station, they allow you to use Money for the best solution!!!, What!!!?

yes, you have to buy Express Pass, which are 3 types, 3, 5, and 7 means number of station we can use this pass to get priority pass. Which price are different depend on day we selected, Holiday is more expensive. ohhh , I calculate and see this priority pass is about 1,000 yen per station baby!!!.


Admin calculate , and realize this is not my way !!!, so I take 2 days ticket without Express Pass,


Because admin will catch a flight to Osaka to USJ then fly back to Tokyo directly so I will spend my whole 2 days in USJ! Grab it now! 12,110 yen , As fast as my thought my credit card confirm transaction completed, If you plan to buy a ticket after arrive at Japan you have 2 ways which are :

Walk in and buy ticket at USJ, which I can tell you that it is very very long line to wait, after that you also have to que again inside the park, but it ok if you arrive late all people are most get inside already, and to buy ticket at USJ counter you will get color ticket for your memory.

Just go to buy at  “LAWSON” convenience store


At the corner of the shop, will have something look like an ATM machine, that is the automatic ticket machine , but wait! you can’t speak Japanese right? so I recommend you to go to staff of the shop and show them this sentence “USJの2デー・パスを買いたいのですが、手伝って頂けますか?” it mean , please help me to book USJ 2 day pass ticket, or if you want 1 day pass don’t forget to change the number, then tell staff which day you want to book.


it mean I want to book 2 day pass for date 4-5 of March for 1 person, just change the date to suit your plan. After staff help to book the ticket you may need to say thank you in your country style as to be your country representative to Thank you for their kindness and they may impress in your country culture, which would be good for next time that your friend might need their help again,  Miss Vene zuelaaaaaa!!! No not Miss universe stage , Stop!

Ticket from LAWSON store it look like this


When you get the ticket, so let’s go!

To USJ by train : get down at Universal City station, to check where is your nearest station from your point please check : just type your current station and your destination station, this website will let you know all information such as ticket fee, changing train, changing station blah blah blah and offer different route for us to choose too!


Life is good like a north pole bear in hibernation season, La La La

To USJ from Kansai airport by bus, we have to go out of terminal 1 go to bus station number 3 , which will have ticket machine located, ticket price is 1,550 yen admin take this method directly because when my flight landed, I heading to USJ immediately check timetable here

Bus ticket look like this, admin flew from airport to USJ like a pro, but this ticket is not the bus ticket, staff already took it, I didn’t take a photo


Then, Are you ready to smash USJ? but…. today this post is too long, so see you next chapter soon.