Sneak out to USJ, Harry Potter Zone especially !

Have you read my first episode preparation plan to USJ ? , Here come the next episodeNow I arrived USJ finally, Ohhh this is my first time here, excited even just see the gate, outside I try hard to look normal, but I already scream loudly inside  >_<IMG_3711When I get there, My sister who catch a flight heading to USJ already get in USJ, of course I have to run through the gate, no not that big globe like everyone does, You gonna boring that scene, Come see the other corner instead. ho ho hoAdmin arrive late morning, people already get in so, beautifully walk through the gate to meet my sister, and heading to get the ticket for USJ, at the map we have to get number 65 , to see the big image of the map it is wednesday, not many people I get queue at 2pmIMG_3829Before that I go to play and ride around many station, you can plan your schedule with Show timetable, and queue of each station from this board at the exit from the ticket station to Harry Potter zone. I ride many station with single rider pass, which you can pass faster but you can’t sit with your group, so if you have not much time and don’t glue with all your friends I recommend you to use my technic, you can save huge time from those longgggg line , Gosh!IMG_3720-checkerand at 2pm I don’t waste my time , I now at Harry Potter zone, So excited, today blue sky and cool weather , that the perfect for hogshead.IMG_3735-downHere the entranceIMG_3741-checkerNow I get to the landmark station of Harry Potter zone, it is The Forbidden Journey, I can say that , Soooo much fun! for me I enjoy it the most from all of USJ , (I can say that because I ride all of those station in USJ from this trip) , it fun till I ride it about 3-4 times in a day, by the way their staff is cute >_<, no I didn’t do that because of him, The Forbidden Journey, really fun.capture-20150322-150354hen after my crazy run around, I’m hungry now, but my crazy not end yet, so I walk into 3 broom shops  in Harry Potter zone., They have food there , decorating is exactly I imagine for, Corn is sweet I don’t want to get back to Tokyo deadly, So sorrow to get back, I may need some medicine to fancy me to stop my consciousness and my crazy for this USJ trip, and Harry Potter, mama I love him ohhh >_<IMG_3837IMG_3836-checkerI need to refresh and keep calm myself in restroom, then when I step into the bathroom!, it is Myrtle the cry bathroom, while you are in the bathroom you will hear Myrtle cry out around the bathroom, or you will hear the sound of dripping water around, really details, so I can’t keep myself calm as I wish for!From this point, I get shopping as crazy as my crazy for Harry Potter, Oh they have butterbeer both hot and cold, I order the cold and you can bring the cup home too., for me it’s not good and make me dizzy, I drink it without any feeling , just want to finish it and get back home. suddenly I see japanese aunty do exactly as I do, feeling she has no soul , or even ahh oishii as the basic manner of Japanese!!!, I think this make me drunk than my 3-4 round of roller coaster T_T, let it go, is may not for me this butterbeer.IMG_3854I’m totally broke , buy thing like a mad girl , pay it without thinking about my electrical charge this month ,I’ll take this, that and some of those too! ohhhcollageThis is my shopping result, just for my first day, repeat, for the first day, the second day as well , I’m broke too! , can’t put all stuff in my luggage, till I have to send it with postal service, can you imagine that if I’m not broke today , when would it be!!! T_TIMG_3755 2Enough, Stop, (after already broke ) , next post I will review my hotel that I stay for this trip, convenience and near every important location very much, life is good here.Please wait to read my next article :-)so I may have to go to work more to pay for my shopping bag, Credit card slip already arrive arghhhhhpresented the broke event by Admin Sora :-)