Stay near USJ at lovely price hotel!

Hello baby, after my 2 episode of USJ review, Do you enjoy read it? , if you didn’t read it yet, you can check it out here  Sneak out to USJ, Harry Potter Zone especially ! the next episode of my sneak out to USJ , today I would like to tell you for free about good hotel, because I went there and love their quality and location. The hotel I talk about is… ta da! Toyoko inn : Noda ekimae branch.IMG_4075You may have heard about this hotel some, I stay in Japan so I don’t have much chance to stay in hotel, and my work is not relate to travel field but after I asking friends, they recommend me to try Toyoko inn, and this trip to USJ which out of city, so my hotel don’t have to located in town, just safety enough for me to get back from USJ late at night, after search internet for a while, then I found this Noda ekimae branch which only 3 stations from USJ, even we don’t have to stay in USJ hotel, we can also enjoy our moment in USJ as much as we desire.IMG_3900And not only that good, this hotel is just 2 minutes walk from station, under the bright light to hotel, and if you shopping like I did it , on the way to hotel they have Post office for you to send your shopping bag to your home before you go back., Convenience store open 24/7 , restaurants open 24/7 near the hotel which good taste and cheap price. If you want to go to Namba station, you just take another line in front of hotel, yes! in front of hotel exactly, it is Tamagawa station , it takes only 7 minutes to take you to Namba station, as you can see from photo belowIMG_4075Let’s see their bedroom, I stay with my sister, she is a young little tiny girl so we can sleep on queen size bed , cozy warmth , to save my money to my sacrificed for my Harry Potter God , La La :-)IMG_3746-downMost Japanese hotel provided pajamas, sometime like yugata suit, sometime it is pajamas, this branch is 1 piece dress like I am Paris Hilton, wake up with messy hair style, my dress a little bit low for sexy look, hold a cup of hot milk open the door and hug my man from behind , you know something like that ! and… their pajamas is same for both men and women, so take care your man carefully , beware of he could be too enjoy with this sexy little pajamas.Another good point is price is breakfast included, just going down at lobby between 7:00-9:30 am, Osaka aunty will provide you your breakfast which are, onigiri , steamed vegetable, salad , miso soup, bread , tea, coffee. for me I think this is good for my stomach in the morning than american breakfast, after get some food, then ready to live your day!IMG_3899Now check their room ratecapture-20150322-171104Oh really cheap, if you check their location this make your life better, near my harry potter god, and free wifi. Life is for lady like me, don’t have to prepare things too much, that I can tell. Get back from USJ late at night and just take a train to drop your stuff and get some refreshness then go out for Namba is also easy, so much fun.IMG_3886-sideThis could be your choice to select your hotel, if you are interesting you can book directly from their website, I can’t do that for you, but if you transfer your money to me, then I will book if for myself and buy my ticket to USJ again :-)More information : by Admin sora