Travel in Shubu: Episode: Very Kimochi at Gero Gero pi, this is "Gero onsen"

Have any of you heard about Gero Onsen?1This is onsen powder. You can buy this to bath at home for a nice skin. Gero Guru is the presenter of this place. But you might ask where it is, you don't know about it at all.OK, let's get to know gero onsen.Gero onsen is famous for its power in giving healthy skin. It is located at Gero station. You can take buses or trains here but today we are here by JR line starting from JR Takayama station. If you take the train you can take an express one which only takes 45 minutes and costs 2040 yen. While normal trains take 1.05 hours and cost 970 yen.Photo from our room at 7 am in winter2Before we came here we intended to see Guzzo style of roof at Gero onsen village and outdoor onsen spot that we can wear swimsuit. But we were unfortunate because we were attacked by snow storm on the way from Takayama. It caused the problems when we wanted to go to places. It was not convenient because we had limited time. If we spent too much time then we couldn't go to other places.What we could get is the atmosphere around hotel but it is not so bad because this place is very beautiful and we want you to experience this natural beauty like Gero onsen. Today we planned to stay at Suimegung. We wanted to walk but they offered us a shuttle car to pick us up at the station. Haha. Such a great service here!Take a look for details of Ryo Kung hereWhen we reached the place we were impressed because our national flag was there in front of the hotel. So lovely!3Hotel lobby is also large and beautiful and a beer bar. We thought it was like ryo kung but it is just a big hotel with traditional Japanese decoration. There are many wings and beautiful.I walked inside and felt amazed because it was so wide.4The room we chose to stay is very beautiful, especially from the balcony. But we chose to sleep in mattress room. They also have western style of room for those who find it difficult to get up.5Some rooms have outside area but we didn't stay that room because we heard that ryo kung here had onsen at many spots in the hotel. So we tried to use all of them. This is the photo we got from the hotel.6And the photo of the bathtub. The hotel nicely offered us to take photos inside when guest left (some spots have closed time) but the next day we had mission at Kayama so we couldn't make it. It's such a pity but we asked them for photos to post here.7Many spots of open air onsen8Main bathing room is also beautiful.9We could only get access to two spots.Hahaha.What a pity! But only two spots we felt impressed with our skin!10Pine wood bathtub is very beautiful, in our room as well.11It's great isn't it?12And the pool13See how large the room is. There is also an area for relaxing and seeing the view.14We felt shocked when we entered the room because it was not so expensive but it was very big.This is a good point of being out of town.15Now we were happy with the room. The bathroom was also big, plus the pine wood bathtub.16A living room to see the view of the river, sooo large.17We found a pumpkin ice cream at the shop on the ground floor of the hotel. Don't forget to try when you visit there.18Let's take a look at kitchen. This place is like kaiseki with tables and chairs.19We wore yukata dress from the hotel room and came to eat. Food was more than in the photos we took but we could not capture them all.20It was not a buffet meal but we were so full. All good food. Wakyu beef of Hida was unreal. For those who don't eat beef, big grilled shrimps were very good.21Ikura Uni fish eggs were also very delicious. Dessert was pudding from Hida cow milk. It was very tasty.22You wouldn't feel lonely here because there are a lot of entertainment like fitness, games room, karaoke. If we were not in a hurry we might use this service for sure.23Another thing I like about this place is a massage chair for legs and arms and also wheelchairs.24When we were back from taking a walk and having dinner, our beds were ready for us. It was refreshing to sleep and hear the sound of water flowing. Very natural.25We said goodbye to this hotel by this buffet breakfast. It was delicious, especially those who like salmon must like this place. There were lots of food options. I almost missed one more line of food because I didn't see it. Fortunately Oil told me so I didn't miss it. Hahaha.26Who wants to know the schedule of trains, you can ask the handsome guys at the counter.27Bye bye Gero onsen. See you again next time.28There was the beginning of snow on the railway and the way was shut down. We were stuck in Takayama for other 2 days. Snow was falling heavier.29Today is one of the experiences that three of us shared, being stuck in snow. We were quite stressful at that time.But looking at the other way round, it was a good experience that made us learn. Bye for now and see you again next episode.//Admin Nana, Not a guru page