Travel and eat at Kamakura with Admin May, not a guru but know about cheap things in Tokyo

What shouldn't be missed when traveling in Kamakura? Everyone might think about big statue of monk right? When we talk about this place, big statue of monk seems to be the only thing that we can think about. Apart from that, what else to see? Ancient city or something like that? Teenagers might say no to that.Kamakura2Kamakura is the place that tourists must like then they visit.Because there is a famous street at kamakura, "Komachi road" which consists of various shops along the road. The charm of this place you can buy food from shops and walk and look at other shops while eating. It is different from the common way that walking and eating is not the thing to do here in Japan. Some shops even watch you finish your food before leaving.Kamakura3Kamakura4But this place is different. Everyone buys food and eat while walking like it's a normal thing to do. There are shops along this road until you walk to Tsurugaoka Hachimangu shrine. These shops sell famous snacks of Kamakura including dessert, ice cream, souvenir, many small lovely shops and many restaurants.This road is the destination that you'd regret if you missed it. Many Japanese tv shows film their programs here in this area.Kamakura11There are small lovely cafes hidden in small streets. Apart from dessert shops and restaurants, there are souvenir shops selling famous items of Kamakura. It gives the feeling of walking in Chatujak market. Don't forget to try red bean flavor mochi from the shop Kusamochiya, korokke and soft cream.Kamakura8Kamakura7Talking about famous dish, try this, Chirasu fish on rice. A must try when you come to Kamakura, other wise you didn't reach the place yet!Kamakura5It is easy to get to Kamakura Komachi road. It is on the way to big monk temple. Get off at Kamakura station, walk out from East exit and then you'll see the outstanding big red pole. That is the beginning of Komachi road.Kamakura1Things to prepare before coming here is your empty stomach because you might be so full after walking through this road full of delicious food shops.Photo Cr. May, not a guru but know about cheap things in Tokyo