Gift Gate Ikebukuro: Sanrio items everywhere

It's very cute! It is so sweet like my face! (Nobody tells me that so I just tell myself haha).If you like Hello Kitty, PomPom Purin, My melody, or Gudetama you will love today's review! All of those characters are licensed under the company Sanrio and that's where we're headed today!001DSC04531This place is called Gift Gate and sells only Sanrio products. Everything in the store is authentic Sanrio merchandise so you don't have to worry about buying fakes!002There are many other characters aside from Hello Kitty. Sanrio has a lot of cute characters, and this store has tons of merchandise for each one of them! Currently, the most popular character is Gudetama! Sanrio was very smart to create him since he's very relatable, he's a lazy egg that sleeps all day!003003-2Apart from lovely dolls in the shop, there are also other things such as clothes, bags, small accessories and daily stuffs like bowls, dishes, pots, even children's nappy or cute tissue!The advantage of buying items at original shops is Member Card and privileges especially at Sario.004 CR: to apply is also easy. When we buy items the staff will ask if we want to purchase a membership card. Then we will receive the card telling how many points we have collected. The points are easy to collect. Every 200 yen purchase, we will get 1 point. We then can use this point for instant exchange for cute items. You can check the details of items here (in Japanese language) P.S. If you apply at this time you will get the lovely egg card.005Who wants to come here can look for Gift Gate, Ikebukuro branch. There are two floors for us to choose many items from and most importantly, this branch is Tax Free.How to get there is also very easy. Get off at Ikebukuro, exit no. 35 (on the way to Sunshine City road.)006 CR: hours weekdays : 11:00~20:30 Weekends and holidays:10:30~20:30As we talk about this, I will recommend branches with Tax Free in Tokyo.- Sanrioworld GINZA branch at JR : Yurakucho Station / Tokyo Metro : Ginza Station- Sanrio Gift Gate Adhoc SHINJUKU branch at JR : Shinjuku Station- Sanrio vivitix Aquacity Odaiba Store branch at Daiba Station (Yurikamome Line)/ Tokyo Teleport Station (Rinkai Line)But if you prefer other branches there are a lot throughout the country. You can check out at their official website (English language available) OilyI’m not a guru but I know where cheap things are in Tokyo.
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