What We can do it now for ‘Omotenashi’ to many visitors

Japanese government changed rules of visas for visitors

To prepare Tokyo Summer Olympics 2020, as the host, Japan tried to portray itself as a center and hospitality industry. Japan changed the rules for the issuance of visas for visitors from Indonesia, Malaysia and three other Southeast Asian countries started from July 2014. In Indonesia, muslims number reached about 90% of the 240 million population and in Malaysia 60% of the 29 million population. About 28,000 people who visited Japan come from Indonesia and Malaysia in October 2013, up 40% from the previous year.

Tokyo Airport’s effort for Muslims

Tokyo International Airport in Japan, trying to be friendly to the Muslims, in the a sharp increase a visitors from the Islamic countries. As following the Japanese government's facilitated to making easy of regulations for issuing visas. Development of praying room space for Muslims, who have to praying five times a day, and provide a halal food in the Airport areas. A Public Relations Department at Narita Airport said, Airport office have to doing more socialitations to announce the existing public friendly place for muslim prayer. "We will strive to make the airport" become-friendly "for Muslims and others who will visit Japan for the Olympic Games," the official staff said. The company has begun to take the necessary steps. For example, will install a "place Wudu ', in January in a prayer room for Muslims to purify themselves before praying. In the next summer, furthermore, two prayer rooms will be built in a strategic place after passengers pass through the embarkation procedure.Narita Airport in Chiba Prefecture put up a new "Prayer Room" sign for Muslims in front of a private room in the first and second terminals. Each room is covered with carpet and panel Qiblah, it`s direction sign in the ceiling so that Muslims can be easy kneel and pray in the direction of the holy sites in Mecca. The rooms, which is called the "silent room". Before, it can be used to pray, but did not have a sign as "prayer Room". Previously, there were Muslims praying on the floor of the terminal building after arriving at Narita because they did not know the existing room, as Ahmadiyah Muslim Member in Japan. Kansai Airport, provide “prayer room” in 2006. In the next spring season, collaboration with leaseholder in the Airport, they planning to provide two more rooms.

What we can do to became friendly to Muslim

The head of the project at the Center for Investment and Trade Promotion ASEAN Tourism, in Tokyo, Ken Fujita said, to provide information about Islam in the airport, Japan have to start serious efforts to became friendly to Muslim. Many Muslims who came to Japan, it can be an indicator if Japan influence widely in the Islamic world. To facilitate the search for International Arrivals Terminal at Haneda Airport can be seen in the following link:here172

Useful websites for make schedule

Transportation from the airport, can be accessed to website of Hyperdia, starting to write the point we stay to the destination (example: from Haneda Airport to Akihabara), it will be shown in the web, the line of the train that we have to choose, including the schedule of the train, duration of the trip and the prices. Hyperdia website can be accessed directly in the link:here

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