There is a famous saying: “If you haven’t gone to Disneyland, your childhood is incomplete”. Back when we were little kids, we could not live a single day without Disney cartoons such as Cinderella, Snow White, Peter Pan and Genie… Now you are in Japan,if you want to bring childhood memories back to life, then Tokyo Disneyland is a must-visit place.Disney1Cre: the total area of 465.000 m², Tokyo Disneyland has been considered one of the world’s largest parks and Japan’s premium amusement park. As the first Disney theme park outside the US, Tokyo Disneyland was inaugurated in 1983. Since then, it has attracted thousands of local and international visitors. It is reported that Tokyo Disneyland welcomed 17.2 million visitors, making it become the second- most visited theme park.disney2Cre: to its convenient location (Chiba, a nearby district of Tokyo), you can access the park easily with various means of transportations including buses, trains, cars or resort cruisers. Leaving all worries of busy daily routines, from the very first moment you get into Disney entrance, you can feel enchanted world beneath your feet.Modeled after Disneyland in California and the Magic Kingdom in Florida, Tokyo Disneyland features 7 themed parks: the World Bazaar; the four classic Disney lands: Adventure land, Western land, Fantasy land and Tomorrow land; and two mini-lands: Critter Country and Mickey's Toontown. Before entering the park, you are provided with Disneyland’s map which is written in dual language (Japanese- English). Hence, do not afraid of getting lost!disney3Cre: Bazaar: The first thing you see when entering Tokyo Disneyland. It is also home to a large shopping area consisting of shops are restaurants. The entire area is designed based on 20th century town. A great number of Disney souvenirs are available for sale, for instance figures, and crystal stuff… They cannot be found outside Disneyland.disney4Cre: features the theme of high technologies and outer space. You can find absolute fascinations in Space Mountain, Star Tours and Buzz Lightyear's AstroBlastersdisney5Cre: the home to famous Cinderella’s Castle which is nearly exactly the same as one in Florida’s Magic Kingdom. Its attractions include rides and characters which take you through scenes from Disney’s iconic films such as Peter Pan, Snow White, and Pinocchio…disney6Cre: definitely a place for those who have strong passion for adventure. If you have that spirit, you should not miss adventure land. Coming to this area, you will be drawn by such attractions as Pirates of the Caribbean, Jungle Cruise, and The Enchanted Tiki room…disney7Cre: a place where a variety of Disney characters work, meet and play. It is exceptionally fun an attractive, especially with younger customers. Perhaps, they cannot take their eyes off Mickey’s house, Donald Duck’s boat and Chip'n Dale's Treehouse.disney8Cre: Country: a small area of Disneyland which mainly focuses on one single attraction- the film "Song of the South". You will first encounter an entrance featuring characters from the film, for example, Br'er Rabbit, Br'er Fox, Br'er Bear. Here, you can try popular Splash Mountain log ride or join canoe tours on the Rivers of America.disney9Cre: inspired by “old west” theme. Its attractions include popular rollercoaster Big Thunder Mountain, Country Bear Theatre, Mark Twain river boat and Tower Sawyer island…Noticeably, if you still stay at Disneyland till night, probably you will not miss firework display. When exploded, fireworks spark many colors, ranging from blue, orange, green to white. Along with exciting music, the view is fascinating adding to your memorable experience in Disneyland.However, Disneyland Tokyo has its own rule that you must follow or you will be expelled, some of which are:
  • Never feed animals
  • Never smoke
  • Never take your eyes off valuable stuff
  • Never conduct any types of activities which interrupt the park
disney10Cre: could not be wrong to say Disneyland is kingdom of dream. Coming to this enchanted world, you will wonder why time passes so fast and one day is absolutely not enough to explore Disneyland. Above all, you feel young again.HOW TO GET THERE

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