Tips How to choose the best day for Disneyland

The most of question that I cound found it alway and never clear, that's how to travel at Disnyland/CeeThis place's stay in dream of the most people that them was said just have to see it In one time of life, I want to see the world of dream that I was imagination since I was young to now my hair them color has changed from black to white, actually how about it?And who had gone it before them just got the spell from Micky Mouse god that spell you can stay in this place one more time again again again  and never bored.Before you will planing about what day that it good for travel….. it can’t close your eyes and used your finger to random travel day on calender.OK, when just travel it just have some tips for select a nice day, because sometime just meet raining, stroming or nice day but discover most people it’s not good idea just used money to shopping is great more than it.Let start frist step, how to select a good day, you should not have this idea “every day I can go except hoilyday will be find” uhmmmmm… it’s true but if you get jackpot select normal day but in normal day is hoilyday of japanese, if it same this sample you just say Sayonara sure, let Gobori going to galaxy don’t hold him, because you will irksome and irksome, japanese’s high qulity in patient for line up in No.1 of the world, Don’t race with them let this way to them is good.-Checking good weather and less people to travel.002003This’s very great idea but less people will be know, japanese are caring in same this event. Some kind person was made website for update sitiuation about traveler will become in Disnyland most people or in less people day you won’t line up in front of sport for long time.You can see these website so easy, them have 2 websites you can get information before 3 month and in very interesting and special you can see about weather each day it’s beauty and kind same me (pretty’s never born).Just tell you before used, these website in japan language but I had translate it complete at all, how to see it is easy let see at the picture it will understand. for speacial about  check day you can go to USJ**Just tell you must know before because most people had been asked about out of ticket that this ……Disneyland not has policy about limite ticket so you don’t worry about this.-How to buy ticketIt has many way to buy a ticket but the easy way and very happy is buy direct at Disneyland, what whater from in front of Disneyland or website of Disneyland follow by this at ticket prize now has been raised.007How to buy tocket is very easy because them made English website for support so it's very comfortable, let see in picture below.Select the day what you want, make a book, used credit card to pay ticket and print ticket, now you can used this paper in ticket.*If you want to used this paper of get pass fast you just fold this too small and take QR-code to scan in front of machine.008009Or another way, you can get ticket at Family Mart, sometime them have a discount promotion too. You will know about discount promotion by Family Mart has announce in poster only.010cr: to buy ticket from Family Mart machine, it's not hand so, push button follow in picture (remark at JBT button in red color.) When it finish you will get slip from machine, take slip to counter and pay. In case you have stunned don't know just do something, admin has  borrow sidekick from Sora that is, let call officer and send japan question to them,officer will help you type your information.and take a ticket to you(stand behigh officer only^^)Disneylandの1デー・パスを買いたいのですが、手伝って頂けますかI want to buy some ticket 1 day pass of Disneyland, can you help me?Sora used this ok, we believe this just for OK too!!!011And last way to get a ticket, it see in little hard core but you don't worry you will get real ticket sure. That way is you can buy ticket from each ticket shop around neighborhoods. Good thing you will get from this shop is special prize more than normal prize.Ok it long for read, I hope you have a good trip but I think, I must have a free time to relax my finger because I was type it more now my finger is lock 5555Admin OillyGuro’s not me but who know in cheap good in Tokyo is me.