This Japanese Apartment Complex is Built Inside of a Mountain

Japan is infamous for their awesome and out of the ordinary architectural talents. Their latest is probably these housing units that are built into the side of a mountain.According to Qz, their is a very unordinary living quarters located in Kagawa prefecture’s capital Takamatsu. Well, unless of course living inside a mountain is nothing unusual to you. Named Miyawaki Gurindo complex, these housing units were developed into the side of one Japan’s many mountains, Mineyama mountain.The two and a half year long project was designed by architect Keita Nagata of Keita Nagata Architectural Element. The complex hosts five levels, each having a roof that operates as another persons garden! Yep, your neighbor will be watering your roof.miyawaki gurindo complexThese things sort of remind me of hobbit homes, pretty sweet actually. But believe it or not, building into a mountain actually has upsides and opportunities advantageous to those of ordinary homes. The designer used natural insulation and geothermal temperature control. This allows each home within the complex to have a stable indoor temperature of around 15 °C (59 °F).weird japanese architecture miyawaki gurindo complex mountain homeIn other words, you certainly won’t be sweating when inside.. The complex isn’t entirely made up of natural controls though, as the Miyawaki Gurino Complex has cooling and heating tubes buried beneath for fresh air. One of the more obvious concerns about this structure that exists with all Japanese homes is earthquake protection. Mr. Nagata had the builders put in steel-reinforced concrete for the outside walls to help with earthquake control.mountainside complex miyawaki gurindo complexSo how much do these mountainside apartments rent for? The bottom units rent for 66,000 yen ($530), while the top rents for 135,000 yen ($1,090). Japan’s mountain built apartments were designed for both singles and families. The bottom section is designed with single people in mind, hosting a bedroom, living room, and kitchen, measuring 30 square meters (323 square feet). The other units, created with families in mind, having about 75 sq m (807 sq ft).How would you feel about living inside Japan’s apartment complex built into a mountain?Article reproduced from JapanRealm