1,134 since its release, J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter series have become an international phenomenon and turned millions of people into their fans. You are deeply drawn in festinating adventures of little magical boy with a bolt scar and dream of living in his wizarding world? Universal Studios Japan made your dream come true when announcing “Harry Potter theme park” project, which delighted thousands of Harry Potter based theme park is the second Harry Potter park in the world, after the first one opened in 2010 and located in Universal Orlando Resort. The third theme park in Universal Studios Hollywood is during construction process and expected to be opened in 2016. The construction of wizarding world of Harry Potter cost Universal Studios Japan Y45 billion ($422.2 million), which grabbed public attention. By focusing on every little detail, it was expected to display a Harry Potter world that you ever imagined from Hogwarts castle and Hogsmeade to other places mentioned in the book. As a long-waited project, when officially inaugurated on July, 15th, 2014, the park welcomed a great number of visitors most of whom were Harry Potter series’ fans. Noticeably, in the opening ceremony, there were special appearances of two stars from the film: Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) and Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood) wearing their Slytherin and Racenclaw scarves. They were there delivering their speeches and cast “Revelio” spell, which is used to reveal concealed objects according to the book, and then entrance was filled with smoke and exciting music. It was told to be an impressive opening ceremony.harry4Cre: version of the wizarding world of Harry Potter is a fabulous place that bears similarity with not only its Orland counterpart but also what J.K. Rowling imagined in the book. Therefore, the British author highly appreciated its magnificence. In addition to truly reflecting every corner of Harry Potter, Osaka based Harry Potter theme park adds more interesting features, which fascinates visitors. When you visit the park, please notice some famous places which are easily able to take your breath Hogwarts castle: the most impressive feature of the park is Hogwarts castle lying on the highest point. It is one of the main parts of your journey which has many spaces to explore. Praised for its innovation and theming, Harry Potter’s iconic ride- Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey- is worth a try. You will be taken through scenes and environment in and out Hogwarts castle. Hogwarts castle is home to classrooms, special corridors, Room of requirement, Gryffindor common room, even Prf.Dumbledore’s office… In addition to the castle, you will be able to see “Harry Potter” things such as Hogwarts Express, the Weasley’s flying card Ford Anglia… Outside Hogwarts is a crystal clear lake which brings ultimate Hogsmeade: after the magnificent Hogwart, your next stop is Hogsmeade which is a one-of-a-kind architecture. Now, you will truly believe in what public says. Osaka’s Hogsmeade brings you déjà vu feeling of Harry Potter book series as everything resembles exactly. Time is worth being spent on shops, for example: Honeydukes- which sells exclusive sweets such as Bertie Bott's Every-Flavour Beans and Chocolate Frogs, Acid Pops or Filch’s Emporium which sells Hogwart souvenir shops, accessories and toys. If you are a fan of Harry Potter, you must be aware of The Three Bromsticks which enhances your magical journey with delicious food. This renowned restaurant serves traditional British fare such as fish, fried potatoes, salad, chicken and Harry Potter’s famous drinks such as butter beer, and pumpkin juice…Harry7Cre: Ollivander wand store: when coming to Harry Potter theme park, you will realize there are thousands of places that need to explore. You think it is hard to refuse to go to Ollivander wand store where you are allowed to choose your own wand. You will see how surprised it is. With “little magic” and special effect, your wand makes you feel like a true wizard.Additional time could be spent on Gryffindor house which sells Gryffindor exclusive stuff such as apparels, scarves, and knitwears…, and Hippogriff ride…Harry8Cre: though just opened recently, Osaka version of The wizarding world of Harry Potter has drawn much public attention, thus, welcoming an increasingly high number of visitors. It is expected to be a competitor of Tokyo Disneyland. The park will definitely bring your Harry Potter memories back to life and an unforgettable experience for you.HOW TO GET THERE