The magical world of Sailor Moon: Sailor Moon Exhibition in Roppongi Hills

One of the most iconic, if not the most iconic, anime during the 90’s into the 2000’s was Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon had one of the most unique art styles and storylines of its time and made every young girl fall in love with it. For most of us girls who grew up in the 90’s it is one of the most nostalgic TV shows.Right now, in Roppongi Hills, until June 19th the Tokyo City View in Mori Tower is holding an exclusive exhibit of Sailor Moon posters, items used in the show, sketches, and dolls based off of the Sailor Moon characters.SM1This was the first thing that visitors saw as they walked into the exhibition and it is a humungous tapestry that covers the entire length and width of a wall. The wall was at least 15 feet high and it was incredible to see especially with the amount of detail put into the artwork. There was also a smaller version of this print further inside the exhibition.SM2These were smaller cutouts of the main characters that people could stand in front of and take pictures with for a fee.SM3Surrounding the cutout of characters was a large showcase containing miscellaneous items featuring sailor moon. The above photo is a shot of just one out of the four sides of the showcase. I this one there are Sailor Moon pens and pencils, magazines featuring Sailor Moon, stickers of Sailor Moon, and the list goes on and on. Basically, anything that can be customized to the Sailor Moon theme was in this showcase.SM4They also had what they called “proplicas” of the various weapons and transformation tools used by Sailor Moon in the show on display.The first room, which contained all of these items, as well as the last room were the only ones where visitors were allowed to take pictures. The rest of the rooms were off limits. But, they contained items like original storyboards that the author made for the first episode as well as original sketches of all the characters seen in the various seasons of Sailor Moon. There were also figurines of Sailor Moon and the rest of her friends. They even had children’s games that were popular in the 90s on display as well.There was also an original artwork done by the author, which she also signed, that was drawn onto the wall.SM5The most impressive item on display, however, was the handmade costumes of Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion.SM6At the end of the exhibit was a wall fool of life-sized cut outs of all the inner and outer Sailor Senshi from the reboot of the series.SM7SM8SM9At the very end is an especially themed café called Chibiusa that is only there while the exhibition is still on display. The line can get pretty long with an average wait of about 50-60 minutes long. However, it is worth it since it is only up for about two months and the pricing is not too expensive.Here is a look at the menu, which it itself is quite cute. The staff will hand this to the customers in line ahead of going into the café. Then the customer will tell them what they want to order and the staff member will write it on a slip, which the customer then hands to their waiter when they go in. It was quite orderly and made the wait time much quicker than it could have been.SM10The prices for the entrees varied from 1,300 yen to 1,600 and the desserts were around 1,000 yen. Altogether, it was not a bad deal for something that was for a limited time only.Here are the various items customers could buy at the café.SM11SM12SM13This was a really awesome experience that is highly recommended if one ever watched Sailor Moon growing up and wants to relive some of their childhood memories.Access:Mori Tower building Tokyo City View 52nd FloorClosest Station – Roppongi StationAdmission Price – Adults – 1,800 yen, High School/University Student  - 1,200 yen- Writer Erin