The Hour of Meeting Evil Spirits - The Ultimate Illustrated Yokai Encyclopedia

Japanese ghosts, known as yokai, are absolutely fascinating. They’ve lasted century after century and continue to be depicted in Japan’s modern world. But who are they, what are their intentions, and how do they enter our world?As many of you already know, I’m a pretty big fan of yokai (Japanese ghosts, monsters & spirits) as well as offbeat Japanese history & culture. There’s just something about creatures and spooky tales involving century old cults that just intrigues my desire for fantasy.That’s why I’m rather excited to introduce a book from author and illustrator Matthew Meyer that showcases those very things. Entitled “The Hour of Meeting Evil Spirits (Yokai Book 2),” the book is an illustrated yokai encyclopedia that paints a picture for each entity of the night.A brief history of yokai is detailed in the encyclopedia, following an introduction to the history behind those who sought to defend the world of such monstrosities. You’ll learn that not all yokai seek to destroy and wreak havoc upon earth, discovering that some live only to pull pranks and scare you half to death. But many of them do indeed present an immediate threat and danger to humans.This threat was believed to be great enough to require the establishment of an occult group of sorcerers. Those who belonged to the mysterious cult believed to be protecting the people and lands via enchantments, rituals, and items of defense. You’ll learn a little about the cult and its practitioners known as onmyoji, but I don’t want to give away too much, so on to the creatures!Each spirit’s name in the encyclopedia is translated into romaji alongside its proper name in Japanese. There are over 125 lovely illustrated entries, each giving a description of the corresponding yokai. Learn the habits, nature, diet and even how to possibly avoid each yokai from reading their dossier. Yes, their diet, because surely you’d like to know which yokai have a strict human only diet, EEK!Let’s take a look at a few of these creatures from the book in its digital format.the hour of meeting evil spirits reviewAs you can plainly see, there are some serious yokai out there who don’t mess around, but then there’s also Japanese creatures like this one.. ⇓the hour of evil spirits reviewEver been scared so bad that you got a fever? Yeah, me either. It must be a heart-wrenching thing to hear, not to mention the visual you get from seeing a screaming horse head. Always look in trees, my friends.the huur of meeting evil spiritsAnother example of a yokai with bad intentions. ⇑Japanese yokai are incredibly diverse. The ghosts, monsters and supernatural beings of Japan come in all shapes in forms; some are powerful, bloodthirsty creatures, and some are umbrellas with tongues hanging out.. I’d love to share more with you from this lovely encyclopedia but I can’t just spill all the 100+ yokai within right here.If you love folklore, Japanese history, or monsters & ghosts, then this title is an absolute must for your collection. Now I finally have a book to go to when I hear about strange and unexplained happenings in Japan.. Maybe you can even blame yokai for missing assignments to your Japanese professor (who must have a real good sense of humor).If you want to learn more about Japan’s creatures and ghosts that do much more than just “go bump in the night,” then I recommend checking it out. You can find the book in its digital format and physical copy here on Amazon. You can also see his online yokai encyclopedia as well as the author/illustrators’ personal website here!Article reproduced from JapanRealm