The Difficulties of Finding Copics in Japan


It seems like such an easy thing. Be in Japan. Go to the store. Get the copics you have longed for, for so long because they either were too expensive, or you couldn't find them where you lived no matter where you looked. Or worse. Finding them online, only to find the site is completely sold out of them. And they have no idea when they'll get their next shipment in.


In Japan, you get here, and think it'll be so much easier. After all copics originate from Japan. So it shouldn't be difficult to find them right? Yes, and no.


I've lived in Tokyo since August of 2015. Not a very long time all things considered. But one thing that I always had difficulty finding no matter how hard I searched was copics. As an art student your main stores for supplies are Seikado, which is awesome for paint, drawings supplies, frames, stationary, paper, and some crafting materials. Or Tokyu Hands, which is really good if you need supplies for building things, stationary, house hold goods, etc. But one thing these two stores lacked was copics.Sure you can get them on But they tend to be rather expensive. Though it is a good source if you find that the specific color you want is sold out.Finally yesterday, I found them at Animate. My classes keep me busy, so I never had much time to go til then. The Animate I went to was the one in Ikebukuro. They have manga and doujinshi (or dojin) on the 4th floor. Along with a lot of manga. And while they have some copics, the selection was very limited. And each copic was 600 yen a piece before tax. Which let's be honest, that's still better than the prices in the US.But honestly my goal was to get all 358 of the copic sketch markers. So the fact that they had less than 100 rather disappointed me. But it was nice to know they had some of the supplies I know I'll need at some point. Like the deleter tone cutter replacement blades. Sekaido has the blade, but not the refills.So if you're like me. I'd like to point the way of how I found the copics I wanted (and then some), after doing a bit of searching via Google after I got home.After several searches I came across this site: HTTP://­ after going through their list. I found the copic listing (which can be found here: HTTP://­ And boy was I in heaven. Not only did they have what I was looking for. But they also have the refills, accessories, other copic types. Frankly all that you need. And they are much cheaper than in store.Shopping from them is very easy. You just have to make an account. Which you can have the page on Google translate, to sign up. Sign into your account. Select the items you want. And go to the check out.Now, for the checkout part, there's some things I want to clarify. They take 4 kinds of payments, which are: Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Diner's Club, American Express, and JCB), Cash on Delivery (There's a 300 yen fee for this, but if your order is over 10,000 yen, they waive the fee.), Bank Transfer (but you're in charge of the fees for this), Postal Transfer (I believe you go to the post office for this one, but honestly I have not don't it so I don't know. I just know that like the bank transfer, you are in charge of the incurred fees.), and Deferred Payment (300 Yen fee).Now if you're like me, the Bank Transfer, and Postal Transfer is much too hard to do just looking at it. So I'm going to explain the other two. Which are much more favorable, especially if you have limited Japanese.Cash on Delivery: exactly as it says. You pay for your items once they are delivered. You can even schedule a time and day for your order to be delivered so you are home when it arrives. A nice simple method that is short, sweet and to the point. And again, if your order is over 10,000 yen. they waive the 300 yen fee for the service.Deferred Payment: This payment is where you do your order, and once it comes in, you take the paper that comes with it to the conbini (convenience store), and pay for your items. This is especially good if you have a small order, and don't want to use yourcredit card. The thing about this payment though, is that you can't use it if your order is over 50,000 yen. So be aware of this when you make your order.You can use Google translate to see which payment option is which at the payment screen. Once you are finished, and they have your order, then you're all set on on your way to getting some nice, and new copics. Or whatever else it is that you ordered, because this online shop has much to offer. Including the refills of every copic they have in stock!스크린샷 0028-02-15 오전 9.31.07And one of the best parts of ordering them online is the fact that you don't have to worry about them being low on ink from people testing them to see if it's the color they want. So you get nice and shiney new markers. And if you order a lot, like I did, they put them into boxes like this:스크린샷 0028-02-15 오전 9.35.39Actual markers in the purple box, the inks in the grey box. Boxes aren't labeled on the outside of what color is inside, because how it works is when you order copics or inks (or even paint), to protect them they put them in these boxes. Each box holds 3. So if you order 4 or more you're going to get multiple boxes. (Like me, who ordered all the copic sketch markers they had listed).This is what it looks like when you order every copic sketch marker they have, including 2 ink refills (for colorless blender, cause it gets used a lot).스크린샷 0028-02-15 오전 9.40.16After the box has been opened.스크린샷 0028-02-15 오전 9.40.49

Isn't it beautiful?

Hope you all found this helpful!

Note: sorry, but they only ship within Japan.

-Writer Shunhades