Green tea shop which hardly to keep it as a secret not to tell, at Toyama!

This is not only the place for interchange to snow wall at Tateyama!if talk about Toyama , many may say What, Huh? what is Toyama (富山)it is name of province in Hokuriku district.Which just open new shinkansen line , so cool!, but if we talk about Kanazawa it could be more popular , as it have brochure said about Toyama that 日本は富山がある!(Nihon ha Toyama ga aru) means in Japan we have province name Toyama! , it to let Japanese come and visit this province.Here they have lovely tram for transport , both classic vintage and modern style tram.Famous food here is Black soup Ramen, and sushi, I use to eat only sushi but black soup ramen when I have a chance I won’t missed it , if I have try I will review it for you, they said it at Toyama station.For the place nice to visit is could be Toyama palace (Chou) this town is quite new and beautiful , department store is also open for teenage to hangoutalright, let get back to JR toyamaif you get there by shinkansen, please exit by using Central gateyou will see the big junction  you can see this shop at the corner of the street , in front of the shop is tram parking lot, not the end of the service station, the end of the tram station is at Shinkansen a glance you will easily find this shop , mainly product is teas, their shop name is Fuji Oka Enif you get in you may confusing by Daifugu greentea grab you attention firstcute display decoratingJam rool would be so deliciousa lot of cute overloaded productsHardly to make my mindthis one is so cute, yellow chicken ohhhif you have to find souvenir I recommend this shopI already get filled with many food, so I may have drink or ice-cream instead, so ask them what tea they have, they said Iced Kocha tea, and Iced matcha, so I don’t know what to order, then take green tea at 48b yen included tax,got it!, big size and look good , I ask them is it too sweet, they said just medium sweet not that too sweet.Oh after taste it, it not sweet , good taste , their float menu is also good, normally I don’t like red bean but this one I can’t put the cup down , it good couple , so I have to get fat, then starting my diet next time ha ha ha