You want an ultimately peaceful state of mind? You want to leave behind busy routine? You want to make moments with your family/ friends more memorable? If you say “Yes”, Taketomi island is prominently an ideal place for you. Serenity, tradition and remoteness… the island has all factors to be a recommended tourist destination.Taketomi island is an island located in Yaeyama and a part of the island chain in Okinawa Prefecture. Bearing the meaning of “prosperous bamboo”, Taketomi is a perfectly quite island. It is home to approximately 350 islanders. Its shape is circular and surrounded by coral reefs, which is the reason why Taketomi is called “coral island”. It takes around 10 minutes to go by ferry from Ishigaki city to Taketomi, and then you enter a brand new world.Take1Cre:http://regex.info/blog/2009-12-28/1409take2Cre:www.tripadvisor.com/LocationPhotoDirectLink-g298221-i85522140-Okinawa_Prefecture_Kyushu_Okinawa.htmltake3Cre:galleryhip.com/taketomi-island.htmlThere is a central village in Taketomi island which is also named Taketomi. Unlike Ishigaki city filled with crowding streets, modern buildings, supermarkets and different means of transportation, Taketomi has neither an airport nor any large and sky high buildings. On this island, all streets are made of smooth and white coral dust. Since automobile are forbidden, you will have to explore this quiet and unspoiled island such limited means of transportation as foot, bike or buffalo. It costs you a cheap fee but offers an unforgettable experience. The atmosphere is completely cool and pure. Walking along the street, you will see traditional one- storey houses built in 11th century and surrounded by grey natural stone walls and flower entrance. Some of them are used to sell local food and crafts. There are even some available minshoku (guest houses) for you to stay after a tiring but exciting day discovering Taketomi. Upon most houses’ red roof tiles, there are fierce lion- looking-alike figures opening their mouths. In fact, they are called shisa playing the role as guardian of the houses and inhabitants. But you should not be scared, because they are friendly creatures.take4Cre:http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Nagominoto_Tower_Taketomi.jpgComing to Taketomi, you should not miss Nagominoto Tower. In combination of its stand, the tower’s total height is about 10 meter, which provides you with a bird eye view of the entire village. Seeing its naturally stunning view from the above adds another visual experience. However, be careful, its stairs are narrow and steep. Even though nobody has ever been injured, it is best to take turn to climb to the top.First time coming here, you will particularly notice at the village’s perfect cleanness. It comes from the custom which is still preserved today that house owners hold responsible for sweeping the street in front of their property. One thing you should not forget is that Taketomi island is a site of rich and long cultivated culture. Therefore, shrines and other religious places are particularly restricted to outsiders. Once you come to the island, you must obey its rules or you will be expelled immediately for your misconduct.take5Cre: http://www.tripadvisor.co.nz/LocationPhotoDirectLink-g424930-i23122747-Taketomi_jima_Taketomi_cho_Yaeyama_gun_Okinawa_Prefecture_Kyushu_Okinawa.htmltake6Cre:http://www.japantimes.co.jp/life/2012/06/17/travel/easy-does-it-on-taketomi/One of the island’s most spectacular beaches is Kondoi beach which is located to the West of Taketomi. With breathtaking view of a deep blue ocean and abundant tropical sealife, Kondoi beach has been voted as one of the most beautiful beach in Japan by Trip Advisor- an internationally famous travelling website- for many consecutive years. As a matter of fact, the beach is a familiar place for family. A great number of activities from entertainment, sport to relaxation take place on this sandy beach. All conveniences such as showers, picnic areas, changing rooms and other rental facilities such as parasols or chairs are available. At the end of the day, memorable experience is meant to last forever.No need to make a detailed Takekomi tour, just pack your luggage, catch the ferry and enjoy absolute fascination when exploring magnificent viewing spots and white sandy beach here.

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