TAKAYAMA- A Mountanious City

Takayama, a mountainous city located at the Hida region of Gifu prefecture, found at November 1, 1936 by a merger of the towns of Takayama and Onadais. This place is famous for its clinginess to the traditional connection especially in its gracefully maintained old town. The other commonly name called for Takayama is referred to as Hida-Takayama. People here celebrate a famous festival known as Takayama festival. This festival is celebrated two times a year at spring and autumn season. Sanno Matsuri is celebrated at Spring and similarly Hachiman Matsuri at Autumn. Takayama is a place rich with beauty of nature.takayama 5So, those who are fond of nature and its beauty will surely love this place. It also has many aspects of beauty and factors for a tourist destination. Due to its natural beauty and preserved traditional connection, it has been ranked as one of the most important town for people among travelers who wish to include a rural side into their journey. This place is also famous for carpentry, pottery and furniture. This place has wonderful and beautiful historical open air museums, temples and the formal castle site. It also has a famous and an impressive museum about Takayema.takayam 2

(Sansai – Mountain vegetables)


Wasakana (River Fish)

Matsuri. This place is also famous for its classic old private houses. Takayama has a traditional market which opens for 2 hours every morning. There are many foods which are popular here i.e. beef, soba, ramen. But among them all the most famous and delicious food are their own local items, i.e. Sansai – a food with all the ingredients of mountain vegetables and a river fish food known as Wasakana.The climate at this place is humid subtropical and has four seasons (spring, summer, autumn and winter) with variety of temperature from warm and cold throughout the year. Winter season comes around December and is moderately long than other three seasons. The winter is too cold, icy and with heavy snowfall.takayama3

Traditional view during winter

When you visit Takayama , you surely need a place to stay. There is a hotel from a 6min walk from Takayama station. The name of the hotel is Minshuku Kuwataniya. It is a small place with a full of quiet atmosphere and Japanese tradition.Access :1-50-30 sowa-machi Takayama-shi-Gifu pref.japanPhone – 81-577-32-5021Fax – 81-577-36-3835Email – oyado@kuwataniya.comAnother famous hotel there is “Quality hostel-k’s house Takayama”, which is 3-minute walk from JR Takayama Station. The bed price starts from 29,00 yen which has a common kitchen and we can also rent a bicycle.Access:4-45-1 Tenman-cho, Takayama city, Gifu, JapanPhone - +81-577-34-4410 ( for overseas), 0577-34-4410 ( from Japan)Email - takayama@kshouse.jp