Hello did you know Takayama city?

Takayama ( 高山), small cozy town in Gifu province, if you see Kanji letter, Take mean high , Yama is mountain, so it is high level mountain city. At first this town is not this name, but named “Hida” yes! some of you may notice this name, and understand why famous food here is Hida Wagyu beef.Many people think this is small town, not interesting to visit, just interchange point to Shirakawago , but trust me you were wrong like I did. this town have their character, many place to walk to visit, 2 morning markets , shrine, shopping street , and who love beef would love this town because this town have many of shop sell Hida Wagyu, all along the street. and for shopping spree you will love their small mall, and you should walk through their old town.takayamaoldtown08takayamaoldtown11takayamaoldtown06Sanmachi Dori, the old town area of Takayama city, is one of the highlight , their architect of old house ages in edo era,(1600-1868) so their other nickname is a little Tokyo (小京都) , nowaday they maintenance houses still good conditions even some of those hose turn to souvenir shop for tourist, but it still keep the most of the previous era architecture.takayamaoldtown10takayamaoldtown04The day I went to Takayama is the most snow in last 10 years, so you can see plenty of snow in my photo , beautifully white Takayama, which even I feel cold , but when I walk along the street , I met all of those warmth people at Takayama, they are very kind and gentle then people in big city, they make me fall in love in the snow , oops No I mean fall in love with the slow life in Takama town.takayamaoldtown03takayamaoldtown09Along the way you will see houses standing through time but still strong and in good conditions, people live in those history household, how they can do such a good thing for later generation, I love Japanese conservation so much.In Takayama , you will see their famous no face doll amulet called Sarubobo, this doll look like an infant but no eyes, no nose or mouth.  I ask the seller , they told me that it is the doll that grand grand mother, make it for children to play and children love it so this doll spread over Takayama till it comes to the popular stuff of Takayama finally. Saru in Japanese mean Monkey, bobo is local words mean children, so Sarubobo mean Little monkey without face. You may noticed that this doll’s arm is up which mean cheers up, so they believe that the owner of the doll will get good luck or their home will be wealthy healthy. Nowaday Sarubobo doll sell at many of souvenir shop in Takayama.takayamaoldtown07To visit Takayama , I take Shinkansen from Tokyo to Nagoya station and take the bus from Nagoya to Gero onsen and stay their for one night, then take a train to Takayama, if you have a chance to travel in Chubu area don’t forget to visit Takayama town , you won’t disappoint this cozy town for sure, trust me I beg you to try, it really good.takayamaoldtown05takayamaoldtown02takayamaoldtown01Update by Admin dow , in love with Takayama.