If you want to get trendy socks, you must thinking at Tutu Anna Kawai & really trendy

Japannnn....!!!!  What about your country? Why your clothing can change very quickly?? I'm very sad so because I can't follow them style, it change very quickly5555.Who will going to Japan, you will feel so fun about fashion with them clothing, that is so far and far away so much.This country it has 4 seasons, so about clothing will be change too, it's very fun with them clothing , hair style until them socks, I'm one of all that was thinking, Hiyaaaa!Socks!!! It will change too follow in 4 seasons, why it has so many style?In Thailand has only style always.When I stay here in first time, I'm very be quite so much!!!!! And I was understand in after because each season are differ.About how to select your socks, it differ so much, in very cold weather just select in thick style, if in very hot season thin style is very good.Admin's fashion style, unknown what style555 but I know "every shop that I want" ok let go to socks shop in Japan.If you want to know about what trendy is the most popular, what about popular? You will thinking to socks shop for teen is name’s "Tutu Anna".(In old time I was read it”Tu-tan-nar” what about my reading?555)Tutu1Socks shop it sell since socks until sleepwear of young girl, in this shop somethink that so popular that is socks and more style, it has since stocking, studen socks, foodball socks, socks for wear with sneakers, socks for wear in easy day, socks for shoes, socks for wear when you sleep. It has more style ,until you can’t select it. Fashion too it change very fast and the popular of this shop is about pattern of socks in cute, It very Japan style so much, it has in parrern sweet, cool , hipster more pattern for customer can select.Admin like to go at Tutu Anna shop because them have good sample, how to mix and match pattern of socks that you can copy to used. It’s cute so much.Tutu2This shop them have recommended about socks of each pattern match, how to match it. For girl will like it because somehow when you wear a pair of shoes that has height differ, somehow you could not think about how to match your socks? in this shop can help you and have more recommended to you.Tutu3I have the another like about stocking in style Kawai!!! it’s match with Japan so, this place have socks that come from cartoon too, can you think there will have? socks shop is so big, this is Japan only.Tutu4Tutu5Tutu6If you want to find this shop, you can find it every where in teen shopping place.Since Sibuya,Harajuku(Takachita road) , Chinjuku(at subway), Kijijoji, Aikebukuro and brance in another provice all Japan.More information of Tutu Annawww.tutuanna.jp/shoplist/kantou/tokyo
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