Skip The Grocery Store, Japanese Crane Game Lets You Catch Onions

In Japan you can sometimes shop for live lobsters, stuffed toys, anime merch, and even gaming consoles without ever going to a single store. Yes, they not only have amazing vending machines, but also fantastic crane games, such as this Japanese onion game!I’ve spent hundreds upon hundreds of dollars in my youth on arcade games, specifically the cranes or “UFO catchers”. Even when the prizes inside were mediocre to me, I still had to throw some change in and take the challenge.Unfortunately I don’t think I can say that I’ve ever won anything more than a stuffed creature in the process. But that’s also partially because the cranes with the expensive merchandise are rigged so strongly that you not only have to have skill, but be that 1/10000 that was timed to be the next winner. Yes, I just went all crane conspiracy on you folks..I was pretty good at the time based building blocks machine though, where you stack the blocks on top of one another as they pass by. I won $100 and nearly an xbox, except the machine didn’t explain how to select your prize.. Nonetheless and sadly enough, while these prizes are amazing, there needs to be more weirdness, no? Like say a Japanese onion ufo catcher?japanese onion crane gameIf you’re ever waltzing about in Minami Awaji city and find yourself short on onions but don’t feel like grocery shopping, you may be in luck. According to rocketnews24, the Uzu no Oka Oonarutokyou Memorial Hall located in Minami Awaji City, Hyogo Prefecture contains your resolution for a grocery-less onion resolution.Named Tamanegi UFO Catcher (tamanegi = onion), this crane game certainly stands out from the rest, but with actal purpose. Awaji-shima is popularly known for their super sweet and tender local onions in Japan. So what better way to promote these famous onions than by playing a crane for one?The Tamanegi onion UFO catcher costs 100 yen ($0.81) per play, or 500 yen ($4.07 ) for six consecutive tries. You may be thinking that you’re getting a bit shafted by paying nearly 50-60 more yen than you normally would for an onion in a store, but there’s a bonus!weird japanese crane gamesIf you are successful with your onion grabbing skills, then you can exchange your onion for a total of 3lbs. (1.5kg) ( 6-7 onions) worth of the island’s famous onions. In other words, not only do you get to play the Tamanegi UFO Catcher for fun, you also just saved money on your onions, arguably the best in Japan.tamanegi ufo catcherjapanese onion ufo catcherjapanese onion ufo catcherYou may even be so happy from your catch that you shed tears of joy, or is that the onions enzymes taking their toll on you.. Would you give this Japanese onion ufo catcher a go?Article reproduced from JapanRealm

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