Shooting Bar

In Japan, gun possession is a massive deal. It’s nearly not possible for average citizens to get their hands on a brand new gun; most are owned by cops, members of the Yakuza or by the occasional family that has owned a weapon before the Firearms (and Swords) management Law.For men and ladies serving overseas who are trying to get their shooting range fix, Kichijoji’s Ea Shooting Bar is about nearly as good as it gets. whereas pairing up cocktails and machine guns may sound like a formula for disaster, this air gun range takes each measure accessible to take care of a secure, pleasurable atmosphere.5 (1)Such strict gun control laws may come as a shock to service members moving to Japan from the united states. however, being caught with an illegal firearm in Japan carries a compulsory seven-year sentence, and discharging a weapon lawlessly will get an offender anywhere from 3 years in jail to a life sentence.3 (1) 1 (1)But don't have any fear: there isn’t a trace of gunpowder to be found at the Ea Shooting Bar. Still, thelifelike air guns are very similar to their deadly counterparts, all the method right down to the recoil youfeel when firing. They are replica firearms with plastic or environmentally safe pellets. They have becomevery popular in Japan which explains the restaurant’s success. The lovers of sport don’t need to drive outall the way to rural fields to fire their guns. The Customers aren’t bound by any shooting-related dresscode, given that the restaurant’s interiors are very modern. Number of guns are listed on the bar’s firearmmenu. Everything from a .50-caliber sniper rifle to the SCAR machine gun are ready to fireplace uponrequest. The Samurai Edge, a 45-caliber handgun from the Resident Evil video games, is a crowdfavorite. If you’ve never shot an airsoft gun in your life, then the friendly staff will make you feel right athome. They will patiently give details on the characteristics of all the guns and help you choose the rightweapon. Shooting takes place in a wall made up of glass to protect diners from flying bullets and whenyou’re done with all the shooting, you can take the target sheet home with you.004 2 (1)While guests are awaiting the shooting lanes to open, there are booths and a bar next to the lanes that havescreens over them. This allows teams to observe one another fire at their targets as they fancy the bar’sdrinks. Most popular with the guests is the SPAS-12 cocktail, a combination of fruit juices, rum andbrown sugar that's set on fire and then served. Located ten minutes from Kichijoji Station, the EAShooting bar is a good way to keep weapons skills sharp.Access: Address: 1-5-5 Gotenyama, Sawada Building 2F, Musashino-Shi, Tokyo Time: Sunday-Thursday 5 p.m.-1 a.m., Friday and Saturday 5 p.m.-4 a.m. Closed Tuesdays.Menus: English menus are offered, and the employees will assist when necessary.Price: $15 per firearm; drinks and food starts from $10.Phone: 0422 26 9100-Nikhil