ShiroiKoibito, Romantic chocolate factory

Have you heard about a popular snack that people must buy back when they visit Japan. It is called Shiroi Koibito and it is truly delicious!P1460217Today we are visiting the location of this Shiroi Koibito snack. It becomes very famous that many tourists go there to take photos.P1460199When we visit Hokkaido, we must not miss going to this place and check out Shiroi Koibito Park that was made into a destination for international tourists.When we arrive here we'll see the outstanding clock tower waiting for welcoming tourists.P1460219The park has free entrance but we have to pay to see what's inside the factory. So we'll head to the garden first. There are corners for us to take photos.There are also ice cream shops around the area of the factory. Whoever walks inside will be able to see the production of this famous chocolate. When we walk pass the hotel, we'll see the building that sells colorful dessert called candy inside.The other side is the souvenir shop of the factory's products. We can order Shiroi Koibito made into our own name.The second floor is where they exhibit collected vintage Japanese toys. There is also the show at the park with music sometimes together with photo service.The staffs are so good at persuading you to buy photos and the photos are beautiful. I didn't plan to but ended up buying some. My friend bought many. This is the good service of Japan.Apart from these things there are also restaurant and cafe of the factory.P1460204-e1436761806481P1460207I'm not surprised why every tour add this station into their program. Because tourists can enjoy taking photos and having delicious snacks.P1460126The way to get there is not so far from Supporo station, Tozai Subway Line. Get off at Miyanosawa Station and walk for 5 minutes then you will reach the garden.Opening time is 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.Admin Patto MaichaiGuruTokyo