Enjoy Summer Shave Ice " Yelo " in Tokyo

Where to go in this summer? The summer in Tokyo is not better than any other places. Although the temperature is around 30-35 degrees but when you actually walk here it's very hot. However, many Japanese people still like to come outside and spend holidays in summer. However hot it is, on weekends, Tokyo city people always sweep their sweats and hold their hands to spend time outside together. Do you want to know where they go? Today I have a very cute shave ice shop that is popular among teenagers in this summer to recommend to you.
Shave ice shop "Yelo"kakigoriThis shop is often seen on TV so it's not surprising that everyone likes to go and try. Because of the softness of shave ice from the good looking seller, oh no! from high quality ingredients. And plus many more flavors that are unique. No matter how hot you feel, when you have a bite you'll feel good. Each flavor should suit both male and female taste because when looking at the name of the flavors, there must be some that everybody like! For example according to the photos by order, green tea flavor, tiramisu flavor, red berry, mango rushy, pastel rose, and special flavor for this summer, watermelon.抹茶-checkerInformation  In this summer (July - September), Roppongi branch will open earlier by starting from 10 am.Special branch only for this summerGinzaginza2Opening time: AM11:00 ~ PM9:00 (Until PM 8:00 on Sundays and annual holiday)Address: Ginza , Chuo-ku , Tokyo 3-2-1Printemps Ginza Main building B2FThis branch opens only from 2015/6/17 to 2015/8/11.See on Google MapsHarajukuharajukuOpening time: AM11:00 ~ PM9:00Address: Tokyo Jingumae 3–23-5 Moshi Moshi Box 1FThis branch opens only from 2015/7/4 to 2015/9.See on Google MapsOdaibaodaibaOpening time: AM11:00 ~ PM10:00Address: Odaiba Dream Festival Land (お台場夢大陸 オマツリランド内)This branch opens only from 2015/7/18 – 2015/8/31.And the last one, main branch, Roppongicapture-20150722-170227See on Google MapsWhen you come visit here, you must make the best of it. Wear Yukata out and add more feeling by having shave ice!Admin SoraI’m not a guru but I know where cheap things are in Tokyo.
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