Many flavours of popcorn in Tokyo summer

These days there are a lot of popcorn in the market. I don't know which one I should eat. Actually, I asked Japanese people why there are so many options of popcorn like this, even spicy flavor or the one with strong smell. The answer is "there are a lot of omatsuri (festivals) in summer so popcorn is for snacks while having beer and sweet popcorn can't be the thing to eat with alcoholic drinks."1So let's take a look at the options. Every flavor is available in convenient stores but I'm not sure if it is still available in the market after summer or they stop producing it after summer.1. Spicy flavor. The first one to present is this flavor, Karamujo. It's a spicy flavor which tastes good. I crave Thai food after I eat it. You should try when you are free. I like tasty flavor so this one is recommended! Popcorn looks quite red like in the photo above.22. Garlic and anchovy flavor. This one has strong smell. The extremely weird taste is the red one which I could understand that it's garlic flavor. But when it comes to the blue one, anchovy flavor, I confess I didn't buy both haha. I'm sorry but it's too weird for me. Although I like pizza with anchovy topping but I'm not sure about anchovy popcorn. But if you want to try something new, this is what I recommend!33. Mixed flavor. This one mixes almond, caramel, cheese. Who can't decide what to choose, this one is the answer.44. Mango. You can try this if you like mango. It's good but a bit too sweet. But it's good at first couple bites. But while you continue eating you will find it too sweet. But that shouldn't be the problem. I believe you can finish it all.55. Honey Almond. This one is new from 7-11 but the price is higher. I prefer the previous one which has lower price and more taste. This one is honey almond so it's a little sweet. But Japanese people like it a lot.66. Morinaga caramel. Who likes caramel from this brand must like this one for sure. I saw only big package at about 1,000 yen with tax included. It is delicious but too sweet. The smell can contain the original flavor of this caramel brand. Japanese people who tried this flavor also said that it's good. They liked it.789This is for those who are looking for what to buy as souvenirs. It is fun because there are a lot options to choose from because we might not go to thai that often. We could just buy to try or to give to friends. Next time when I find something cool, I will be back to write review about it.Admin Nana Maichai guru but I know where cheap things are in Tokyo Page