Owakudani and the origin of its name

Owakudani is located at the crater. It was believed that this volcano was already dead and that means it would be still and had no eruption at all. But this time it is about to erupt! It is high heat under the ground and this is the reason why we still see steam coming out from many spots under the ground. Moreover, the stream is also hot. I tried! But it was not that hot.


The thing that people have to do when they come here is to eat boiled egg with black eggshell because it is believed that eating 1 black egg, you will live 7 years longer. (I went there 3 times and ate 4 eggs so I will live 28 years longer! Ughh I don't want to be alone if I'm that old!owakudani07The real legend of this story is, there was a son living with his dad who was real sick. The disease of the dad was very serious that the doctor told his dad was going o die soon. (Very mean doctor.) But the son didn't give up. He tried to find the medicine to help his father. He struggled to come over here because someone told him there was magical thing that could help the father. He met an old man sitting at sulphur mineral pool. He approached the old man and asked if there was any medicine for his father. The old man was frightened so he dropped something into the pool.owakudani03He pointed his finger to the pool but he didn't say anything. The son tried to get that thing from the pool and then he got a boiled egg with black eggshell. He then went to his house and gave it to his sick father. His father got better, recovered and lived longer for 7 years. And that becomes the story.owakudani05owakudani02owakudani04owakudani10This story might be true or not I don't know, but I think Japanese people are very smart that they can create a story to make every place have legends or beliefs behind it. When there's story, people are interested and want to experience it once. This brings tourism and souvenir business and adds more values to the place snd goods.


Actually, these stories make Japan tourism more fun. Never bored of visiting!owakudani06Admin Dao, who will live a long life because of eating 4 black eggs!