Enjoy over 100 types of Omurice at Pomme no Ki!

Let's have omurice in Shibuya at the restaurant called “Pomme no Ki”!! Omurice is an Omelette filled with Rice! It's very popular in Japan.When we talk about Japanese style of food, apart from sushi and ramen, omurice is another thing that we admins can all agree on as a special Japan exclusive food. Although we all know it's one of the food culture Japan got from western food, we all know (and love) how they turned it into their own special food. If you ever want to try the best Omurice, Follow me to Shibuya and I will tell you all about this must-visit restaurant. This restaurant is not far from the main branch of Loft in the center of Shibuya.ทางเข้าร้านWalk until you see Tutuanna. You can see the restaurant on the 2nd floor, right on top of Tutuanna. The entrance is in the small ally right next to the building.capture-20150613-175250You will see the stairs to the entrance of the restaurant!capture-20150613-175746Pomme no Ki, the omurice restaurant with manyyyyy choices of menu. I have heard about it before but didn't think they'd have this many options!IMG_4880IMG_4882IMG_4883IMG_4884IMG_4885IMG_4886There's more to the menu, but these are the only photos I took. There were so many!! Oh my god, and on top of that everything was pretty cheap. This is their dinner menu, but their lunch menu is even cheaper. From my experience you should come after 1pm when there's less of a crowd.So, after checking out many pages of the menu, I ordered this one.IMG_4889I saw it on TV and just had to try it! I was starving, but still I took tons of photos.IMG_4893capture-20150613-175501Apart from the many different types of omurice, this place also has delicious salads.capture-20150613-175543Look at this! Look at the big piece of bacon, and the vegetables.Information and AccessIt's a short walk from Shibuya station which can be access via the JR Yamanote Line!Address : 150-0042 Tokyo-To, Shibuya-ku, Udagawa-cho, 13-7 Oyasu Building 2FHours: 10:00 - 23:00P.S. I have heard that this restaurant has a branch in Thailand. I never tried it. Who comes to Japan, try original branch here!Photo Credit: Tabelog.co.jpReported by: Admin Sora, I’m not a guru but I know where cheap things are in Tokyo.