Nara Park / A great park for deer and temples

Nara Park is located in the Nara Prefecture and is a great place to view temples and feed deer.

A place to interact with national treasures

Nara Park has over 1200 wild deer that roam its grounds. These deer are considered messengers from the gods in Shinto. The animals are quite well known and important in the culture, they are seen as the symbol of the city and a national treasure in Japan. Tame to people, the deer of Nara Park are quite tame unless given the idea one might feed them. Around the park are deer crackers for sale to feed the deer. Some have even learned how to impress visitors by bowing to win their treat.

More than just a park - many temples

Around the grounds of the park, many temples are located. If a person is to visit one of these sites, the others are a must as well before closing out the day. All of these structures show the grace that the city has held over time. Some of the more well known temples within the park include Todai-ji Temple and Kasuga Taisha Shrine. The former temple also contains Great Buddah Hall.

Amazing Views and Various Aspects at Nara Park

Nara Park has many great views to offer. From the wide open fields to the temples seen through the trees, this park is a great place to go sightseeing or just for a simple stroll with company or alone. In addition to the views of the scenery, there are also views of the deer doing their tricks and trying to beg food from every passer by in the park.

Access / How to go to Nara Park

Simply take the train to Kintetsu Nara Station and walk six minutes to the park. An additional way to access the park, which is just as simple, is to go to Jr Nara Station. From this station it is a 20 minute walk. A third way to access the park is to take a bus, which makes multiple stops all around the park's perimeter.■Hours Always Open■Access 469 Zoshicho, Nara■Tell 0742-22-0375■URL

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