Special Nagoya Miso katsudon recipe , Irresistible

Today Japanese food lover gonna love this post, this restaurant I will take you to today , at the beginning they opened at Nagoya province, expand branches in Nagoya after that open branch in Tokyo. What food am I talking about , you may curious , tada it is Miso Katsudon or short name in Japanese is Misokatsu.First of all, this restaurant name is Yabaton.yabaton02According to Nagoya popular recipe is Miso , so they mix 2 menus to be Miso KatsudonI’ve heard that Miso from this restaurant is natural fermented in traditional Japanese way then stew this special miso with pork for hours then this Miso got very strong taste.yabaton03I have to say that the unique point of this restaurant is soup that pour over Katsudon, it very delicious because Miso taste and sweetness of dipping sauce.sabaton05Typing while thinking this Misokatsu make me greedy ha ha , but it really delicous , their pork is thick slide not the thinny. They also have vary of menu but what I had ordered is original Misokatsudon (of course how can I order another menu?)  they serve in set menu like this.The branch I visit is at Nagoya, but if you visit Tokyo, you don’t have to try to go to Nagoya you can have this special menu at Tokyo.yabaton01Most of their price for Menu set is about 1,000 yen I think Thai people would love it , because their website provide information in Thai language if you want to try you just check thier restaurant map and menu from this site , Bon appetite!!!http://www.thailand.yabaton.com/#shoplocationUpdate by admin pat