Muikamachi Snow Festival 2015


10885081_1592652404298969_2302778570435477523_nEnjoy Snow Festival in Winter of Niigata Prefecture Snow festivals, hot springs, ski and osake festivals- Niigata is one of the most famous snow city in Japan with its winter attraction. People can easily access from Tokyo is available by Shinkansen( Bullet Train). After about an hour of riding the Shinkansen from Tokyo to Urasa , the view from the window changed dramatically. The Muikamachi Snow Festival (六日町雪祭り, Muikamachi Yuki Matsuri) is held annually for two days in February.10400058_1611669702397239_239988068057787183_n10991226_1611668995730643_8407663291082622223_nLocated in the Niigata Prefecture, the city of Muikamachi is one of the highest snowfall rates in Japan, with snow often pilling up to a height of two meters or more each year. There are lots of fun things to do, like sledding, tasting local dishes, drinking osake, watching kimono shows and fireworks. Sculptures of famous characters and scenes are built by local artists and can be found dotted around the town. In this year, we saw so many characters such as Doraemon, Anpanman, Totoro and Monsters and so on. Stage performances and the Carnival, in which a local ski resort is covered in candles to create a surreal, beautiful scene.1382183_1611670019063874_2183793774050922665_n10991226_1611668995730643_8407663291082622223_n

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