Superb melon pan and greentea at Abina - Service area

Whenever we go with a tour, for example, one day tour, a bus to another city or package tour, have you ever felt that you don't want to get off when the bus stop at breakpoint because you neither need the toilet nor food to eat. Some of us might think that it's useless getting off because there's not much to see at a bus stop in the middle of nowhere, but that's not the case, from now on if the tour you take stops at Ebina breakpoint, especially when we leave from Tokyo to Fuji mountain or to Osaka, notice this name and get off the bus and check it out.1What I would like to recommend is local dessert but today I'd say I pass because there are other two exciting things that I really want to share. It is the most well-known thing here, melon pan. And the second thing is latte green tea. It's very good.2 3Melon pan of PORUTOGARU shop (they said it's from The Portuguese language) is known among Japanese people that it's very soft and the smell of melon is very nice.4 5There are two types of pan, crispy pan and original soft pan which you can choose. But on that day, I chose both because I don't come here often.6But when I arrived at the shop, I saw three types so I looked and oh, they don't only have melon, they have lemon pan as well!!7I'm not playing with words. It is written there, lemon pan, lemon flavor bread. Ooh, I must try this! So I decided to have both soft melon pan and lemon pan. This sounds confusing hahaha. These twos were for eating on the bus but the crispy one was for eating at home.8After buying them, we headed to the next thing, green tea. It's about 2 blocks away. The shop is called CAFFE LISCIO.9That day I had size L mocha, 540 yen, big enough that you won't regret later why you bought the small size haha. The small size is 470 yen which is not enough.10So I ate them all on the bus. Started with green tea. It was so good that I forgot my regular cafe. Oh, how I wish there was something like this near my place. Next it's the pan's turn. Lemon pan had not much yellow lemon cream inside but it was very delicious. Melon pan was as good as always.11And the last one is what I took away to eat at home. It was not different from eating on the bus. The taste didn't change. This is the place that I always think about when I go out of town and feel glad that yeah I will stop at Ebina again. Don't miss the chance to try good food and drinks at Ebina!Admin Nana Maichai guru but I know where cheap things are in Tokyo Page