What do you think first when mentioning Japan? The answer could be sushi, kimono, tea ceremony, innovative technology industry… and manga. As comics created in Japan, manga has a long history in Japanese art, and is said to be one of central parts of Japanese culture. With different types of genres from action- adventure, sports, romance to detective and fantasy, manga appeals a great number of readers who are not only kids but also salary men and women. Manga enjoys its popularity across its national boundary. A plenty of manga have been translated into different languages. If you are an otaku (manga fan), visiting Kyoto International Manga Museum would bring you absolute International Manga Museum/kyoto3Cre: has been known for being the cradle of Japan’s traditional art. In Kyoto, visual and perform arts was created and well received. Today, Kyoto has become one of preferred contemporary cultural centers. The appearance of Kyoto International Manga Museum in 2006 contributed to intensifying Kyoto’s renowned title. Due to its high status, Kyoto International Manga Museum has been chosen to host large scale manga related exhibits, and special events around the year. Its goal is to conduct research of manga culture and preserve manga, including historic materials in Edo, Japan’s contemporary works, foreign manga and others. Since then, a great number of otaku have come to this incredible library. You can see some particular places packed with otaku deeply drawn in their favorites. Do not get too surprised at seeing some squatting on the floor to read manga. Many sources state that it seems to be a flavored reading position. So, an advice you should bear in mind before going to Kyoto International Manga Museum is not to step on anyone.kyoto5Cre: in a former school built in 1869, Kyoto International Manga Museum consists of 1 basement and 3 floors. The first floor is cafeteria and gift shop, the second one houses Gallery zone and the third one is completely dedicated for research activities. With the collection of more than 300,000 manga, it could not be wrong to say this is a holy place for otaku. Most walls in this museum are lined with bookshelves from which you can choose any types of books. The idea of creating a wall of manga has created a unique background and fascinated otaku even more. Surrounded by 4 walls hang manga pictures, you would feel like getting lost in a “manga maze”. A massive number of manga with different genres have been put together here. There are sections for foreign and translated manga, for example: English, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Thailand, etc. and others available in Japanese only. Noticeably, when you go with your kids, they would highly appreciate children’s library with manga and picture books. Moreover, Kyoto International Manga Museum offers a variety of souvenirs for sale, for example: manga, postcards and pictures. If you are a manga collector, it is a great opportunity to add more to your collection.kyoto7Cre: International Manga Museum features galleries that display evolution of manga from history to present. As a former school building, there is a separate memorial hall dedicated to it. For those who love visual and drawing, this place is so inspiring, especially with demonstrations on how to draw manga. On weekends, mangaka (manga artists) come here and demonstrate their drafts. There are workshops for beginners and portrait drawings as well. So, do not miss them.There is cafeteria in the museum, so, you can take a rest and have a drink before continuing discovering the museum. Another alternative is buying snacks, then, enjoying them on the lovely lawn in front of Kyoto International Manga an exceptionally huge number of books, Kyoto International Manga Museum is definitely the best manga museum in Japan. Therefore, it is always a great idea to drop by this museum on your Kyoto trip.HOW TO GET THERE

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