For long, Japan has been widely known for its long cultivated culture, beautiful natural landscape and historical travel destinations. In other word, Japan highly appreciates cultural heritage. Therefore, Kobe city, which is known as “the small version of Europe”, has become so distinctive. Representing another Japan’s aspect, Kobe has all excitement of a modern city but remains remarkably peaceful. With all its spectacular features, the city has been considered as one of Japan’s most attractive cities.kobe1

Cre: http://www.city.kobe.lg.jp/foreign/english/

Located between the sea and the Rokko mountain rage, Kobe is one of 6 biggest cities and one of the most important port cities in Japan. After its creation in 1968, Kobe became a popular place for trading business among local and foreign merchants. Due to mutual influence, Kobe is a Western-inspired city. There was a massive earthquake in 1995 that put the center of Kobe in ruin and took the life of 5,000 people. However, the city got greatly recovered till the point that there is only little evidence of the disaster now.kobe2


Travelling around this beautiful city, you will capture a series of spectacular views and sophisticated architecture. Noticeably, unlike other modern big cities, you will overwhelm with Kobe’s natural landscape and pure air. Green plants are almost everywhere in the city. Seeing lines of trees along streets you pass by brings another pleasure to your eyes.Particularly, if you have chances to visit Kobe, you should not miss.Meriken park:kobe3


Meriken park is a waterfront park located in Kobe’s port area. The park is home to Kobe’s symbolic architectures, including Kobe Tower, and Kobe Maritime Museum. Back in 1995, an earthquake struck the park and left it in ruin. Hence, it is not difficult to see a section of damaged waterfront as a result of it. Until now, it was left unrepaired as a tribute to the dead in Hanshin Earthquake.kobe4


Kobe tower was built in 1963 and painted in red as a symbol of Kobe. With the total height of 108m, the tower has been used for observation. Standing at its highest point, you will able to see the whole Kobe’s view.kobe5Cre:http://duwal.com/en/generalgallery/asia/japan/kobeKobe Maritime Museum is a glass structure whose roof was designed like a ship. It is an excellent introduction to the city’s role as a port including its functions, variable models of ships and history of the ports. There are actual boats that are displayed around the museum.Kobe EarthquakeMemorial Museum:kobe6Cre:http://muza-chan.net/japan/index.php/blog/remembering-the-great-hanshin-earthquakeThe Earthquake Memorial Museum was officially opened in 2002, a part of Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institution, to commemorate victims of 1995 Hanshin Earthquake. Its creation is to purely provide visitors with knowledge of earthquake and disaster prevention. Owing to it, you will be given a guidance book which shows necessary equipment in case earthquake happens. Inside of the museum are thousands of realistic pictures of the earthquake, documentary films and other related information.Chinatown (Nankin-machi):kobe7


From Sannomiya station, passing by shopping centers and modern buildings, you will find yourself standing in front of China Town, a popular dining spot in Kobe. Chinese residents in Kobe have refreshed Kobe with their Chinese soul, thus, turning this quarter into a lively and colorful place. Coming here, you are all surrounded by Chinese restaurants, souvenir and accessory stores. It is a great opportunity for you to experience not only Kobe’s specialty food but also dishes from other places in the world, for example, Taiwan, and Vietnam…Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge:kobe8


Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge, which is commonly known as “Pearl Bridge”, connects Kobe and Awaji Island in Hyogo Pref. The bridge has grabbed the world’s attention for its one-of-a-kind architecture. Particularly, with the total and central span lengths of 3,911m and 1991m respectively, Akashi-Kaikyo is the longest bridge in the world. You can not only walk inside of the bridge but also experience a spectacular view from its top which is 300m off the sea surface.In short, after many days exploring Japan’s historical destinations as well as learning more about its culture, if you want to try something new, Kobe city is definitely a new fresh wind for you.

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