Kobayashi Builds Japan’s Largest Treehouse Around 300 Year Old Tree

Regardless of your age, treehouses are simply awesome. There’s just something about being suspended in the air, surrounded by a structure built into or around a tree that brings joy. Now Japan can now enjoy a little more of that experience, as they’ve just received their largest treehouse!According to Spoon-tamago, Japanese Treehouse designer Takashi Kobayashi has built over 120 treehouses to date in the time span of 15 years. In other words, Kobayashi isn’t just infamous for being Japan’s go-to-guy for treehouses, he’s known internationally for his treehouse architecture.So when Atami’s Risonare resort wanted to have a treehouse made out of their three-century old tree, they went straight to Kobayashi. Of course building or designing a new treehouse almost every month like he does can make you a busy person, but given the inspiration of the resort’s tree, Koayashi was all in.risonare atami treehouseAs the treehouse expert says himself: “The quality of the treehouse is fully dependent on the tree itself,” “Encountering a good tree is everything.” This is why he had no issue accepting the resort’s offer given the beauty of the 300 year old tree that they wanted a house built around.takashi kobayashi treehouseKobayashi doesn’t build his treehouses like most of us probably do. He builds everything around the tree itself, having no harm done to the tree or the surrounding environment. The finished treehouse, named Kusukusu ( from kusu-no-ki, Japanese for camphor tree) stands on a steel trellis that is wired through the tree, interlocking like K’nex, providing a supportive structure that looks natural.risonare treehouse japanThe trellis was designed thanks to Hiroshi Nakamura of NAP Architects, and the team that came in to do a 3D-scan of the tree, allowing them to get a grasp for the needed dimensions. This doesn’t look like your average treehouse though, unless of course you had some serious cash when you were building yours. Kusukusu treehouse Kusukusu treehouse Kusukusu treehousejapan's largest treehouserisonare treehouse kobayashiIt’s not just a suspended treehouse either, it has a 120-ft long pathway with attractive floral activity. There’s also a coffee stand, picnic area, zip lines, children’s hangout, and a lookout area. So if you want to check out Japan’s largest treehouse, you’ll have to head to the Risonare Atami resort!Article reproduced from JapanRealmhttp://www.japanrealm.com/japans-largest-treehouse/#more-13044