Kimono Wearing Mannequins Serving One Menu Item Is A Hit Diner

Do you feel sad or awkward when you go into a restaurant to eat alone? Then you won’t mind coming here by yourself. There are some lovely stiffs waiting for your arrival as well as your order of food, although there is only one menu item, so it’s not hard to pick, which is perfect for me and my decision making skills...Say hello to Issen Yoshoku! Literally meaning “1/100 of a Japanese yen, Western-style food”. This restaurant located inside Gion, Kyoto, which is infamous for it’s dip into geisha culture. A little bit of an odd placement for a diner such as this, but it seems to be doing quite well. As you look on from the outside, the restaurant almost appears as a gift shop or store of some type, but with a look inside, low and behold, mannequins at eating tables…issen yoshoku okonomiyakiUpon taking a seat around these stationary and staring Japanese women, you will be given a menu. A menu in which you will slowly open as you prepare to behold their vast selection of beautiful Japanese dishes.japanese menuJust kidding, you just see this large photo of the only menu item that Issen Yoshoku serves, which is a okonomiyaki styled dish. Looks pretty good to me.japanese menuokonomiyakiweird japanese dinersAnd according to Rocketnews24, they are even polite enough to remove any ingredients from their okonomiyaki dish called “Issen Yoshoku”, just in case you have any allergies. They also warn you that “this food is habit-forming. Once you eat it, you want to eat it again!” So enjoy your delicious savory pancake alongside your “5 smiling girls in kimono.”, as the sign reads.sign at issen yoshokuDespite only serving one food item, this restaurant has really taken off as visitors claim that their one menu item is done very well and that they may return. But of course you must be okay with some of the interior of this diner, because the mannequins aren’t the only strange decoration inside this unordinary eatery. Upon second glance, you will notice that there are some very interesting illustrations on the wall. Yeah, they ain’t exactly children’s stories if you know what I mean.weird japanese restaurants So if you’re ever getting your feet wet in the Geisha culture center of Kyoto, and you don’t mind a few oddities, go check out Issen Yoshoku for their delicious 680 yen ($6) okonomiyaki!Japanese restaurant with mannequins Address: 238 Giommachi Kitagawa, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto Prefecture 605-0073Hours: Weekdays 11:00am – 3:00am, Weekends and Holidays: 10:30am – 10:00pmWebsite: reproduced from JapanRealm