Kawaii Monster Cafe!

One of the numerous things that Tokyo is famous for are themed cafes. There are cat cafes, maid cafes, AKB48 cafes, a Gundam Cafe, and many more. In Harajuku there is a cafe that follows a very unique theme called the Kawaii Monster Cafe.Kawaii in Japanese means cute, so everything in the cafe was themed after kawaii monsters. The outside of the cafe is quite mysterious without giving any intonation of what one might find inside the cafe. The entrance is decorate with bright colors, the logo of the cafe, and a desk with a dressed up hostess to let the staff know of customers’ arrivals. Besides these factors, nothing can be heard or seen of the cafe until the guest’s accompanying waitress opens the doors to let everyone in.image002(CR: www.entertainment-today.net)Customers are then bombarded with blaring club music and met by a towering monster cake carousel that is decorated with unicorns that go up and down on it.image004There are four different sections that people can sit in: “Mushroom Disco”, “Milk Stand”, “Bar Experiment”, and “Mel-Tea Room”. Each of these sections have different decorations to accompany the theme. Our party was seated adjacent to the “Bar Experiment” section, which was the “Mel-Tea Room”. Hanging from the ceiling are bright colorful lights. There are macarons hanging from the ceiling as well with painted ants running all over. Random spoons and forks pop out of the walls.image006In the “Milk Stand” section there were monster rabbit heads hanging from the ceiling and there were giant mushrooms in the “Mushroom Disco” section. The entire place was completely decorated in all of this custom made artwork. It was quite amazing to see all of the decorations and how much detail was put into them.image008-1The best part about the cafe, though, were the “Monster Girls”, who were dressed up in elaborate outfits that are typical of Harajuku style. They would come around to different tables and interact with the customers by scaring them or sitting and chatting with them.image010Along with the rest of the cafe, the food is meant to be mysterious with each color or sauce or icing having a different flavor. One of the recommended dishes is the Color Rainbow Pasta (Painter) that has rainbow noodles and five different types of sauces on the sides. Though it may be obvious what flavor each sauce is, looks can be deceiving.image012Just like the pasta, desserts such as the Colorful Poison Parfait and the Colorful Poison Cake come with different colored whipped cream and icing that each have a different flavor. The amount of effort and creativity put into each item of food is definitely worth the price. Plus the portions are pretty big and dishes like the parfait need more than one person to polish it off.image014On a side note, something that many don’t think will be too special at cafes are the bathrooms, but the bathrooms at Kawaii Monster Cafe are just as colorful and fun as the rest of the restaurant. The entire bathroom is covered in rainbow tiles with a huge chandelier in the center. Each stall is a different color and has colored toilet paper within as well. The counter for the sinks are filled with what look to be multi-colored bouncy balls. Nothing in this cafe will disappoint the customers.image016Access:Take the JR Yamanote Line to Harajuku Station and walk down the length of Takeshita Dori. Cross the street and turn right. Walk for about 5 more minutes and the Caf_ is in the YM building on the 4th floor.Website: kawaiimonster.jpHours: Lunch ­ 11:30am ­ 4:30pm, Dinner ­ 6:00pm ­ 10:30pm-Writer Erin