Kanazawa City




You feel lost in your big and crowding city and exhausted with your rush daily routine. You want to escape and go some places where you can find peaceful state of mind. Then, Kanazawa is a good beginning. When mentioning Kanazawa, most people say it is a sad city that rains almost all the time. Due to its humid temperature, it feels as if everything in Kanazawa including alleys and buildings… is completely painted in grey. But once you come here, you would absolutely impress by its artistic and traditional values.



Kanazawa is located near the Northwest of Honshu on the Sea of Japan. As a matter of fact, Kanazawa was the second largest city (after Kyoto) to escape bombing during World War II. Therefore, some parts of the old castle have been left in its original form, which becomes Kanazawa’s tourist attractions. Together of its people, Kanazawa’s nature is peacefulness and quietness. It becomes more prominent when you walk along the street and see people around, they also walk calmly without making any sound. That’s the reason why many artists from Kyoto during 17-19 century chose this place to find inspirations and created new literature trends with less constraint. Consequently, Kanazawa has been known as city with strong cultural identity. During Feudal Era, this city became prosperous and ended up being the fourth-largest city. Now, as the capital of Ishikawa Prefecture, Kanazawa has a population of 460,000. With approximately 178 rainy days a year, it comes as no surprise why almost everywhere in Kanazawa is wet. So, you must prepare yourself a good footwear and umbrella.kz3


Kanazawa’s location between mountains and the sea allows this area to have strikingly spectacular landscape. In addition to mountains, blue seas, its natural beauty boasts to quiet bays and evergreen forests. Once you visit these places, you would have one of the best travelling experiences. But when it really comes to tourist attractions, Kanazawa owns them easily with historical attractions. Here are some recommendations that you should take into considerations:kz4




Kenrokuen Garden is one of Japan’s three most beautiful landscape gardens and the unrivaled Kanazawa’s attraction. Its name bears the meaning of “a garden made up of 6 attributes- spaciousness, seclusion, artificiality, antiquity, scenic perfection and abundant use of water. Built in the middle of 17th century, it was opened to public in 1871.It is totally free of charge. You should come to experience and learn witness Japan’s unique gardening technique. The garden features ponds, streams, bridges, trees, rocks and flowers that are aesthetically and carefully arranged. If you luckily come to Kenrokuen Garden at the end of April when sakura trees begin to blossom, the scene is just magical.kz6




It could be said that Kanazawa is the kingdom of samurai. If you come to Kanazawa without visiting Nagamachi Samurai district, which is only 15 minute- walk to the west of Kenrokuen Garden, you truly do not come to Kanzawa. On sunny days, the district which stretches for a few streets offers an exceptionally picturesque scene. Beautiful wooden homes with yellow wall are lined along the streets. According to Japan’s history, samurais with higher rank were allowed to have higher wall meanwhile low-ranked ones only had hedges. Also, you must come to Nomura House which gives you a comprehensive idea of how samurais lived back in the Edo era. Owned by 11 generations of Nomura family for 400 years, the house features not only typical Japanese traditional rooms but also a small yet beautiful garden with waterfall, green plant, stone lantern and huge Koi. The garden is a special attraction that some people even pay money only to see. Sitting on the small wooden corridor, enjoying the garden’s visual attraction and listening to the sound of tickling water and wind are simply amazing.kz8


You should not miss Higashi Chaya district, which has been an active Geisha district since Edo. As Kanazawa was not damaged during war, most buildings and entertainment forms were preserved. This is a place that can cheer up your mood via different types of entertainment, for example: music, dancing, songs, tea ceremony and others. No kidding, beautiful Geisha will perform and serve you well. There are also available shops and restaurants, which makes the whole district lively and exciting.kz9


Kanazawa is the place only for travelling? You get it wrong. In addition to historical attractions, the city never let the shopaholic down. With a rich cultural heritage, this ancient city has one of a kind art forms that have still remained their popularity until now, for example: lacquer and maki-e which is decorated with gold leaf and gold powder, pottery, Kaga Yuzen silk dyeing, pottery and handicraft. You can look for them in stores, such as Ishikawa Prefectural Products Center, Sakuda, Kanazawa Crafts Hirosaka, and Kaga Yuzen Traditional Industry Center… In line with current fashion trends, Kanawaza offers a wide chain of department stores, shopping centers and boutique located in Katamachi and Tatemachi shopping streets. Here, you are able to look for your favorite dresses and purchase them with cost saving price.kz10


With its historical values, Kanazawa is a diamond of Japan. Once you come to Kanazawa, you will never regret. Once you leave Kanazawa, your heart stays at Kanazawa.

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