Kagura Skiing Resort in Niigata.

It's skiing/snowboarding season in Japan! Spring has come but many places are still covered with snow. Are you looking for a nice place to relax and enjoy winter sports? Are you a beginner who wants a large field to practice? Kagura Ski Resort is here for you!photo (11)Kagura Ski Resort includes three areas: Mitsumata Area, Tashiro Area and central Kagura Area. Together with Naeba Ski Resort, it makes Mt.Naeba a huge ski area. As a beginner myself I started at Mitsumata Area. The snow is in good condition; thick and soft. Despite its large field, it's not so crowded, if you are a beginner this is the ideal place for you to practice. Kagura offers "skiing school" but it's only available in Japanese. There is a Western-styled cafe/restaurant called Snow Man near lift station at Mitsumata Area where you can take a nap in the resting area (remember to take off your shoes before entering the resting area). However, sometimes people enjoy resting on the snow outside.photo (7)Here is the strawberry cake served in the cafe!photo (9)If you prefer Japanese style, there is a ramen shop right next to the restaurant. There are about nine restaurants on the moutain.photo (10)I stayed at Wada Lodge during the trip. The lodge is an old building built in the 1980s which includes three floors. Wada Lodge provides tatami rooms with a table, a TV, an old-fashioned heater and futon set. There is a cafeteria and living room on the first floor. Bathroom and toilet are shared. The cafeteria offers both Western and Japanese style meals. Niigata is famous for its rice so if you choose Japanese menu, you will have the chance to try the most delicious and expensive rice of Japan! All stores close at 6PM so there is nothing much to at night. If you want to relax your muscle after a long day skiing, Kai-do no Yu onsen is there for you! Most of the lodges have a small bar at the living room where you can get some nihonshuu (Japanese alcohol, made from rice) or soft drink while chatting with friends.photo (8)Old-fashioned heater at the living room of Wada LodgeIt takes about 5 minutes walking from the lodge to ski area. The lodge offers bus service to go to ski area but you still have to walk on your way back.If you don't have your own skiing/snowboarding gears and equipment, don't worry, there are rental shops around ski area.Opening time
  • Weekdays: 8AM to 5PM
  • Holiday: 7:30AM to 5PM
No skiing at night.Access informationAbout 6 hours from Tokyo by bus.70-90 minutes by shinkansen to Echigo-Yuzawa Staion and 25 minutes by bus from Echigo-Yuzawa Station to Mitsumata. From Mitsumata you will take the lift to Mitsumata Lift Staion at Mitsumata ski area.Lift fare
  • Adult: 3,500 for half day, 4,700 for one day, 8,800 for two days, 7,700 for season.
  • Senior: 3,000 for half day, 4,200 for one day, 6,200 for two days, 6,200 for season.
  • Children up to 12 don't have to buy ticket.
*People who are 55 and above are considered senior.