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jselectionHave you ever thought...“I bought a lot of cool stuff in Japan and I want to buy them again, but I don't know where to go...““I want to buy Japanese products but I cannot find them in my country…”“I got a Japanese souvenir from my friend, but I could not understand what it says on the outside of the package...”Jselection can solve these problems!Everyone can buy Japanese products through this site even if you don't live inJapan and you can check the prices in your own currency. Jselection has quality service and will ship to your home from Japan!You can find all the products you love without having to go to Japan. There are a lot of categories so you can easily find the product that you want. Jselection can also help you find what you want if you cannot find it on the site!Jselection works with a big Japanese online shopping mall so they have many products for you to choose from!The website is available in many languages such as, English, Chinese, Thai, Indonesian and Japanese for ease of shopping. They are also in the process of adding more languages!The site works well with your smartphone so you can browse products wherever you are. Just put in what you want in the search bar such as "Matcha" and you will be able to find many types of matcha flavoured sweets and desserts!After you have found all the items you want you can pay through Paypal. Then they will order the product for you and have it shipped to their warehouse. After that they will calculate shipping to you from their warehouse and you will make a second payment for the international shipping. After that is paid they will send the package off to you! For more safety, they offer options like tracking and insurance to make sure your things get to your home without any trouble.They are currently testing a brand new system called “LOOK!”. This is an app that allows users to scan the barcodes of Japanese products and get information such as the product name and price. Jselection also has a Facebook fanpage where they introduce new products.As of now, they only offer credit card and Paypal payments, but in the future they want to add bank transfer and cash on delievery. For delivery, the only option is EMS, but they are working on offering cheaper methods.Their mission is to make it easier for anyone to buy Japanese products online so that even people outside of Japan can enjoy Japanese culture through their products.By using their website, they hope to bring enjoyment, excitement, and surprise to all users around the world.You can access the site here,www.jselection.jpJselection are ready to serve you now and enjoy shopping!
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