Japan’s Kawaii Ambassador Opening New Kawaii Monster Cafe in Shinjuku

I’m generally not interested in overly cute things (for myself), but Monster Cafe looks both awesome and delicious. Kawaii-ify me now with these sweets and lovely spoon & fork-headed ladies.Japan’s very own Sebastian Masuda is known as the kawaii ambassador in the country where cute never dies. He’s known for his bright & vivid art projects both in and out of Japan, with his latest being a very interesting looking cafe. By the way, Sebastian is the guy on the right, not the heavily kawaii adorned young lady.sebastian masuda monster cafe hello kittyAccording to Japantrends, Sebastian’s shop, named Monster Cafe, will be the largest in Tokyo. From first glance and the given images, the cafe is as the name suggest, but more. Monster Cafe is a new approach to the boring bland coffee shops, given its monster-esque vibe, topped with heavily bright kawaii visuals and mixed with a bit of goth fashion.Screenshot - 7_21_2015 , 5_14_04 PMIn other words, you probably shouldn’t plan on getting your power point presentation done at this cafe. People still do those, right?  The cafe is currently holding auditions in search for “Harajuku Monster Girls” on a basis of five different styles: baby, dolly, candy, nasty, and crazy. Yes, if you match the cafes’ criteria and have kawaii personality, you could work at the Monster Cafe.monster cafe japanmonster cafe shinjuku japan Some of the food items look rather enticing as well, and don’t worry, your eyes will adjust eventually. Other details about Monster Cafe are slim at the moment, but hey, we have a video!Prepare to enjoy this kawaii monstrosity when it opens on August 1st. I was sold with the fork & spoon wearing servers, how about you?Article reproduced from JapanRealmhttp://www.japanrealm.com/monster-cafe-masuda/