Japan’s Incredibly Unique City Hall That Looks Nothing Like a City Hall

Just saying “City Hall” makes me cringe a little. It’s almost like walking into a court room even if you’re there with good intentions. If only something could be done to make them feel less official and more welcoming, like say perhaps floating panels everywhere!The Aore City Hall certainly wasn’t designed to your ordinary town hall specs. It was created with a much different architectural flare in order to try and boost the local economy, welcome all types of people, and perhaps even some tourism. Surprisingly enough, according to Spoon-tamago, exactly that has happened.The Nagaoka Aore City Hall was completed four years ago from today, but it still brings in ridiculous amounts of visitors. Yes, you heard correctly, a City Hall that actually brings tourism rather than driving it away.nagaoka city hallThe city in which the building is located has an estimated 280k folks, yet the Aore City Hall attracts 1.2 million people a year. Yeah, I’m sure you’ve done the math and realized that isn’t local visits.. Even more interesting than that fact is that it’s reported that if Aore City Hall were an amusement park, it’d be Japan’s third most popular.aore city hallThe incredibly unique building was designed by architect Kengo Kuma. Mr. Kuma designed the building with both traditional Japanese designs as well as unseen modern touches. Creating an environment that makes visitors feel welcomed and in no way stressed at the fact of it being a City Hall.japanese architecture aore city hallThe idea of equality regardless of position was also involved in the construction of Aore. The Chambers where politicians and fancy folk meet are usually placed atop of buildings far away from average citizen eyes. But in Aore City Hall, the Chambers can be viewed by anyone at ground level.amazing japanese architectureI’d say it was all a fantastic job, given the millions of visitors and the fact that more people come to the City Hall than those who actually need to utilize its services. Whether you love it or hate it, it’s certainly hard to miss this massive installation.Article reproduced from JapanRealmhttp://www.japanrealm.com/aore-city-hall/