Huis Ten Bosch, the destination that you shouldn’t miss in Kyushu

Recently there have been promotional fares to Kyushu. Especially plenty of promotional fares to Fukuoka. The price is very reasonable. At times people messaged me “Do you have anything to recommend in Fukuoka?” I really wanted to tell them about many things, to tell the world that it is a very good place to visit. This time I would like to recommend another interesting destination on Kyushu side. It is called “Huis Ten Bosch”.3I would say you won’t feel bored spending all day there. It could be an amusement park, flower garden and light decorations at night. Huis Ten Bosch is a must destination that tourists should visit. It is located at Kyushu region, Nagasaki, which doesn’t take a long time from Fukuoka.4I would like to recommend this place because I really like flower garden here, especially tulips that are planted every year in winter. When seasons change, flowers here will be changed too. It is very worthy to visit under the concept of “The City of Flowers”.5As I told you in every season there are flowers like tulip, rose, pink moss and many more flowers. The other section is light performance that is shown every day. In the section, there are reproduced castles, houses, and buildings decorated by beautiful lights. Many restaurants are ready to serve tourists. This city is also the place for games. Children can enjoy 3D games there. The last thing to mention is music performance shows. This is, therefore, the place for everyone in the family.6So don’t miss the chance to stop at Huis Ten Bosch when you visit Kyushu. Otherwise it’s almost like you didn’t come to Kyushu.7And don’t think that there is no shop inside because at this place, you can find a lot of famous souvenirs and delicious food. There are also hotels for tourists to stay for absorbing the atmosphere of the place.8  10Opening hours are different each day, but mostly it is 9:00 -2:00 or check again at Tips: I have an easier way than that. Buy a domestic tour when you arrive in Japan. This way is very easy because the website is in Thai and Thai staffs are available. Visit Nagasaki, see flowers at Huis Ten Bosch amusement park, depart from Fukuoka by bus. Click on the image below!12Or Visit Nagasaki, Huis Ten Bosch amusement park, with express train from Fukuoka (depart in the morning).How to get there is not difficult, just take a train or bus to Huis Ten Bosch station. For those who have an opportunity to visit around this period don’t forget to take some beautiful photos for us to see.Admin Patto: Guru to cheap stuffs in Japan