Hitachi Seaside Park


Rich in historical sites and distinctive modern structures, Japan is undoubtedly a country with leading tourist attractions. In Japan, every place is worth visiting. This time, your next stop is Hitachi Seaside Park. This is an extraordinary place and one of the top tourist spots in Ibaraki prefecture. Offering an unspoiled scenic view, Hitachi seaside park enjoys its popularity among public. As a matter of fact, a plenty of renowned tourist websites gave it high recommendation. Huffington post, an internationally famous online site, even named it “endless flower paradise”. For once, you should come here to witness heaven with your bare eyes and prove its existence on earth.hi2Cre: in Hitachinaki, Ibaraki, Japan, Hitachi Seaside Park covers an area of 190 hectares. It is likely that people know other prefectures more than Ibaraki. However, they still come here for Hitachi Seaside Park. What sets Hitachi Seaside Park aside from other original ones is its distinctive koyo (trees changing color). Before actually getting to Hitachi Seaside Park, with its picture on hands, you must think that it is a piece of art drawn by a talented artist. You highly doubt that it is even real. So, its spellbinding view can easily capture your heart at the very first sight. This renowned park is not far from Tokyo and can be accessed by different means of transportations which takes approximately 2 hours. Upon entering, you will see a large open space with fountains behind. The park features flower blooming around the year. Noticeably, flowers will bloom in accordance with season. Hitachi Seaside Park has been widely known for baby blue eye flowers which are blue, five petal and cup shaped species. Every April and May annually, baby blue eye flowers bloom and dye the entire hill in blue. Standing in the middle of “blue” hill makes you feel like being drawn in the ocean, what an extraordinary experience! Spring is blooming season of 4.5 million the translucent-petaled blue flowers in the park, which draws tourists’ attentions. The number of tourists gets even higher in “Nemophila Harmony” when blooming periods of daffodils, 170 species of tulips and other flowers take place. If you come here in autumn when Kochia blooms, it looks like the whole Hitachi Seaside Park is painted in crimson. Walking along the path leading to Miharashi No Oka- the lookout hill, you will feel utterly amazed at green vegetation: luscious lawn dotted with red tulips. There are old and shady trees, which makes Hitachi Seaside Park an ideal place for family picnic. The atmosphere is so cool. As you reach to the top of the hill, from the above, you cannot help but fascinate at both two sides: Hitachi Seaside Park’s marvelous view on one and the whole Pacific Ocean on another.hi5Cre: to the fact that Hitachi Seaside Park is particularly gigantic, you are allowed to rent bicycles or get on a train which goes around the park without any limitations. The park offers perfect serenity, hence, it is great to cycle around the path and enjoy pure atmosphere filled sweet flower smell.hi6Cre: Seaside Park also features amusement park which has different types of rides, roller coasters, Ferris wheel and shows for children. Particularly, if you are looking for somewhere to satisfy your grumbling stomach or regain your energy before your Hitachi Seaside Park exploration trip, the amusement park and the glass house at the central of the park offer a variety of food, and drinks and seating as well.hi8Cre: you want to intensify your trip to Japan with unforgettable memories, Hitachi Seaside Park is a must- visit place. As a high concentration of scared and luscious vegetation, this park will provide you with ultimately visual delight.HOW TO GET THERE

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