Hidakaya Ramen, here you pay less than 500 yen for ramen

Today admin will take you to have ramen and other food. The interesting points of this place are the delicious taste and the cheap price. I call it cheap because each menu here is less than 500 yen which is considered very cheap in Japan.1The place that I will introduce to you today is called Hidakaya which has many branches at different train stations. Local people also like to eat here because it's cheap and tasty. Admin also thinks that it's really worth for those who want good taste and best price.2There are options of ramen that we can choose from including pork bone broth, miso soup broth or Chinese style. The prices range from 390 yen to 500++ yen. Many people may wonder whether the portion is small due to the price but I would tell you that served portion is so big that we almost couldn't finish. Apart from ramen there are gyoza, karake fried chicken or karake fried chicken and kimchi that you can have for side dish with either rice or cold drinks.3Side dishes here are also cheap, approximately 210 yen. There are also other food options like Chinese fried rice. The ramen in the photo here is Japanese style pork bone broth. The soup is so mellow that you don't need seasoning.4Another thing that I like to eat here is fried rice. This place's fried rice is considered very delicious. True it is Chinese style but I really like it, very delicious. Or sometimes admin wants to have dried noodle in Thai style but there's no where to find, I will come to this place. It offers dried ramen ready to serve and onsen egg at only550 yen. I personally like this menu because it is very tasty with no need of seasoning. It is very very good that it can replace our dried noodle.5After you are tired from shopping, you can also come here for cheap drinks because Kirin beer here is served at only 310 yen per glass. They also offer other options of Japanese whisky. You can drink with affordable price. Moreover, this place opens 24 hours like fast food restaurants but some branches only open until 3 am. After long introduction, this restaurant has many branches in Tokyo for example Shinjuku area, there's a branch near Yamadadenki electronic appliance mall which is a big building opposite to DON QUIJOTE mall. I guarantee that this place is affordable and worth paying money in high living cost Japan. You can take a look at the restaurant's menu first at http://hidakaya.hiday.co.jp/index.htmlAdmin Patto, Maichai guru but I know where cheap things are in Tokyo Page