Harajuku Fashion style, everything at 390 yen!

What makes Harajuku the place that everyone likes? The answer is this shop "390 yen Thank You Mart".Or we call it "390 yen Shop". Each item in this shop is 390 baht. We have seen 100 yen shop at Hara. Now let's take a look at 390 yen shop.1On Takeshita street we will see staffs dressing up and holding the sign "390 Yen Shop" with so many things on the sign. This shop is on the small corner of Takeshita street or underground so the way to get to the shop could be complicated.2Let's take a look in the shop. Are there any interesting items? We actually could see from the front of the shop. Not to mention the staffs!In the shop there are so many items mostly in Harajuku style. The concept is colorful items for teenagers. Young people can buy everything at the price of 390 yen + tax 8% each.3The goods range from mobile phone cases, bags, clothes, shoes, accessories to second hand clothes. 390 yen each (tax not included).It is very good deal for poor student like us who still want to dress in Harajuku style. We are here at the center of world class fashion city but we can buy items in cheap price. It is cheap but the quality is not bad. Everything is usable in real life and worth money, like scarfs sold at this price in winter.4If you go to Harajuku you must see this shop, it's the place for teenagers! This kind of shop also leads the trend in Harajuku. Teenagers like the styles and the price! The colors of items are what I told you, very colorful. It is obvious where you get them when you use. It's very worthy to buy for friends because the colors are very outstanding and catch our eyes.5How to get to the shop? Follow me this way. First, get off the train at Harajuku Station and go to the exit toTakashita Street. Then walk along the street and you'll see the staffs with colorful hair colors holding 390 yen shop sign. Walk inside and I guarantee you'll get a lot of stuffs from the shop!Warning: Don't go inside if you are not teenagers, you might be faint. Even when I'm writing this, I want to go to check out more things because I didn't buy enough last time. Excuse me, I have to go now!Admin May Yamapi I'm not a guru

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