Kids must be happy at Kiddy Land!

Are you the same when kids come and ask, "where can we go while our parents go shopping?""I'm bored waiting for adults who go shopping.""Where are places for kids like us?"
This place is the answer. It is a 60 year old legendary shop. When tours come here, the program always include visiting Harajuku and walking in Kiddyland. If we don't see we might think if this Kiddyland is the amusement park or not.No, it's not. Kiddyland is the shop that sells toys of favorite cartoon characters that kids like such as Sario, Ririkuma or Disney. Let's take a deeper look. KiddyLand is located on Meijijingu road. Walk from Harajuku station and walk on through Omotesando. You will see big intersection. Walk pass the intersection and you'll see Kiddyland standing there.Kiddy1Photo credit from are 5 floors in Kiddyland, starting from the basement. The basement is the place for Snoopy Town. Everything about Snoopy is here. The first floor or the one from the entrance is K-spot or characters that Kiddyland bring them in.Kiddy3Kiddy5The second floor, Disney and Characters mix are included on this floor and also cartoon characters from Ojiburi studio, Kapibara.Kiddy7The third floor, Toy Wonderland and Star wars Galaxy. This floor really suits boys because it's all about Star wars and Lego toys.Kiddy8The fourth floor, Rilakkuma store and Hello Kitty shop which I don't have to tell you how cute they are.Kiddy2Kiddy6Photo credit from sold here is an original one. You can trust it's not a copy one. There are also a lot of stationaryto choose from. It is not surprising how this place has collected all lovely items for so long time that tours have to stop by.  Some people even ask to come to Kiddyland because it is the place that you can find every cute thing here like visiting one place and getting all stuffs for friends. And it's not only kids who don't want to miss, but adults like us too. Because all items in this place are lovely so we must stop to check out everytime like a landmark.Opening time: Monday to Friday 11:00 – 21:00 and Weekends 10:30 – 21:00This place is not hard to find. Ask any Japanese people. I think everyone knows about it.Admay Yamapi 
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