Hakuinkan Toy Park

Today Admin Patto will take you to the toy shop//
The place today is at Ginza area. You can come here by tokyo metro underground train and get off at Ginza station. This shop is called Hakuinkan toy park which has toys for both boys and girls or even for adults, oh no, just kidding hahaha.IMG_7011(1)They are stuffs that adults can use like kitchen ware, flask and food carrier with interesting and bizarre designs available in this shop. Both adults and children can enjoy this shop.Today admin will take you to see the toys here. It's rainy season in Japan now so umbrellas are sold everywhere both the long ones and the foldable ones which I think it's very suitable to use in this season. There are many cute patterns to choose from. Or it could be the bouncing balls that kids like to play.IMG_7019Birthday or anniversary cards are also available. I tell you that cards in Japan are worth buying because they neatly made it beautifully until you would like to buy and send to yourself, like Disney cartoon. And this time is about to get to summer season in Japan so cards for each season are coming out like sunflower patterns or hanabi (fireworks in Japanese). Girls must like this shop for sure because they have food (or toy) that is so popular now among tourists like the toy that looks like food so kids can play by cooking both food and desserts. And they are edible! It is a big hit now and there are so many choices to choose from. You can choose it all here.IMG_7021What I really liked but didn't choose is the ketchup bottles with irritating face character designs. Really suit my Thai style of sauce.IMG_7013IMG_7017This place has funny stuffs, toys for kids, barbies and even Japanese barbies like Rika jung available here.IMG_7015IMG_7022IMG_7018This shop opens from 11:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m and good thing is it opens everyday and all year round so who comes for shopping brandname items at Ginza can stop at this place to get things for their kids or souvenirs. This is the location of the shop. If you can't find, use Google maps on mobile phone. It's not difficult to find 8-8-11, ginza, chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-8132, Japan.This shop also has English version website. You can check out at http://www.hakuhinkan.co.jp/index.html
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