Black Eggs in Hakone

tumblr_mdkzensL5N1rcrzkso3_1280Hakone is located in the Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan and rose to fame with the popular anime Neon Genesis Evangelion. Unfortunately due to the sudden influx of fans disrupting the local activities, the area no long boasts about its anime fame. They used to offer maps to fans of the anime with each landmark from the show marked.tumblr_mdkzensL5N1rcrzkso5_1280There are plenty of other interesting things to do in the area as it sits on top of natural hot springs. You can even see the steam from the springs from the surface!Japanese hot springs are called "温泉" (onsen) and are a popular place for people to relax. They are all outdoors and great during those cold winter nights!Whilst in Hakone, travelers can enjoy the famous food of the region, black eggs or "黒たまご" (kuro-tamago). The eggs are black because they are hardboiled in the hot springs! The spring water contains sulfer and iron, which makes the egg shells black. They taste like any other hardboiled egg, but it's the black shell that makes them so unique!tumblr_mdkzensL5N1rcrzkso6_1280tumblr_mdkzensL5N1rcrzkso7_1280If black eggs aren't your thing you can head over to the Hakone Open-Air Museum. The museum is as you would have guessed, completely outside and features a variety of sculptures with which you can interact with!tumblr_mdl115PnMa1rcrzkso2_1280The sculptures are all scattered throughout the park and invite visitors to interact with them. Not all of the sculptures can be played with, but many of them allow guests to walk inside them. Make sure to read the signs to see if it is alright first though!The Open-Air Museum does charge an entrance fee of 1600 yen per guest, but discounts can be found online depending on the season.tumblr_mdl115PnMa1rcrzkso9_1280tumblr_mdl115PnMa1rcrzkso7_1280After a day of exploring Hakone, travelers can have a nice dinner at the famous Fujiya Resort Hotel. It is one of the most traditional resort hotels in Japan and features traditional architecture with exquisite food to match!tumblr_mdl09yr2PH1rcrzkso3_1280The Fujiya Hotel is surrounded by beautiful trees and scenery, which gives the hotel a private feel. The surrounding area is quite and peaceful.Many famous people have stayed at the Fujiya Hotel including the Emperor and his family!The outside of the hotel also has a courtyard with waterfalls and paths that create a relaxing atmosphere. The hotel is particularly beautiful in the fall when the leaves are changing colour! Even if its just for dinner, the Fujiya Hotel in Hakone is a must visit spot!tumblr_mdl09yr2PH1rcrzkso6_1280tumblr_mdl09yr2PH1rcrzkso5_1280