Hair Treatment Spray : Secret of Japanese girl!

So it happened because I ran out of cosmetics!Why it had to be this time! I just walked pass hair products. I have so many of spray, mousse and oil at home but I didn't know why I walked close to that corner. I saw a spray called OIL TREATMENT SHINY so it's oil spray. I started to get confused. Is it like spray for getting out of rust from doors? I started to think that it must work the same way haha. So I tried using it as there was the sample one. I felt my hair was smooth so I walked more to check out other cosmetics waiting for the spray to be dry.Photo H27-06-17 午後9 07 06But then I saw the other hard one from the same brand and started to get confused. I didn't want it at that moment but there was a give-away for each item. The white one doesn't have give-away but the gold one has a comb as give-away. The pink hard one has small spray as give-away. I actually wanted to get the oil one but I had to choose. I had to get the comb for someone might need it when they set their messy hair.Photo H27-06-03 午後8 33 42It costed 1,200 yen. I thought it should last quite long. So I bought it after deciding for long. This one doesn't say it's for straight or curly hair so I let the straight hair girl use it and she liked it. My natural hair is curly and I went to have digital perm so I need to take care of my hair that could be easily messy. It's not that I can't use low quality products but that could make my face allergic and itchy. Let's see how hair could look nice like miracle in 5 minutes, not include time for dryer. We'll start from dry hair like in the photo. I'm embarrassed with my real hair condition!Photo H27-07-02 午後9 39 49Three things that can help your hair look beautiful in 5 minutes.1. hair dryer. This is a low budget one and not so strong like in the salon. But I have used it for years.2. A comb for curling hair. Why don't I use the one I bought? We'll talk about this later.3. Oil spray, the main item for this!Steps:1. Dry your hair. We won't include this in five minute steps.2. Spray all over your hair. It is oil so it doesn't make the head skin infected.3. Curl your hair in. I guess who had perm before might be taught how to do it by the hairdresser.4. Curl both sides.5. Clench your hair and use hair dryer at the hair end and then all over the head for making it shine. Not more than 3 minutes you can see the results.6. There you got curly hair on both sides. Use hair dryer again to make the curl set.7. Curl your bangs by using the comb for curling hair. So now you know why we must use this comb for this specific purpose. For those who just want your bangs to go on the side a little bit, just use hair dryer on it to the direction you want.8. Your hair will look like this. Use hair dryer on it again.9. When we already have curls, try ripping it apart. it's ok for those who like curls but Japanese girls like messy hair so do I. Who wants it to be strong you can use spray for curly hair or hard spray depending on what you like. But this is enough for me to go on a day except when it rains that I need to curl my hair all over again by hand.Photo H27-07-02 午後10 09 21Photo H27-07-02 午後10 38 14personally like this spray. It's very quick way to use because I wake up late and have to fight with the salary man outside. But my hair has to look good anyway hahaha.PS. Lastly, I'm not sure if airlines allow you to carry kinds of spray back with you. You might need to check first.

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